It is not the appearance or personality. A new study reveals that the element that carries the strongest sexual attraction is the voice.

Researchers in Canada say that we feel a physical attraction to a person who has similar voice to ours as regards pronunciation, volume and tone.

Previous studies have focused on how manly or feminine a voice is. Men with deep voices and women with thin voices were considered by far the most charming. However, new research demonstrates that the mechanisms behind these preferences are more complex.

Researchers of the University of British Columbia claim that “the voice is a versatile tool that people use to shape their identity.”

After a series of tests and experiments, it turned out that the main component of the charm is the relevant characteristics of the voice. In other words, we are attracted by a person who has the typical traits of the man or woman who belongs to the same community with us.

For women, the sensual voice like that of Marilyn Monroe is considered more attractive because it is intertwined with youth and good health. For men, the dominant feature of the charm was the deep voice.

The new study is published in peer reviewed scientific PLOS One.

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