Scientists Found a Way to Deliver Drugs Directly into Cancer Cells

///Scientists Found a Way to Deliver Drugs Directly into Cancer Cells

cancer-cellsAmerican scientists have made a revolutionary breakthrough in the fight against cancer, making up a direct way to deliver drugs into cancer cells without loss along the way through biological life support systems of the body. This effect, according to the American online edition Advanced Materials, is provided by multi-layered nanoparticles.

A breakthrough in medical science is made by scientists and researchers of the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research at MIT. They have created double-shell nanoparticles, the core of which contains cancer drugs” writes the edition.

Cancerous tumors can produce harmful for the body proteins that protect cancer formation from the penetration of drugs. Thus the therapeutic agents are absorbed by the tissue before penetrating into the affected cells. Now it will be possible to deal with neoplastic diseases more effectively.

Scientists created double-shell nanoparticles, the outer shell of which is able to search for cancer and then to “stick” to the affected area. The inside shell is coated with antibodies that kill cancer cells.

Laboratory experiments on mice suffering from mammary tumors allowed to reduce by 80 % the activity of a cancer. The tumor decreased by 8 times, while the increase of the level of toxicity was not observed.

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Scientists Found a Way to Deliver Drugs Directly into Cancer Cells