human alien contactResearchers of the SETI project calculated the date when humanity will encounter alien intelligence, based on data received from the space telescope Kepler.

Seth Shostak, chief astronomer of the SETI project engaged in the search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, stated that probably by 2040 electromagnetic signals of alien origin will be detected, writes This forecast was made on the basis of data received from the space telescope Kepler.

Speaking at a NASA symposium at Stanford, Shostak said that there is an extremely great percentage of potentially habitable planets, and after two decades, astronomers will be able to scan enough star systems to detect them, reports Fox News.

According to Shostak, every fifth star has a planet orbiting it, on which the existence of intelligent life is possible. This may mean that there actually are billions of Earth-like planets in the universe.

The scientist is sure that if at least one of them has living creatures on it whose intelligence is at our level or exceeds it, they will certainly receive a radio signal from Earth and respond to it. Now, according to Shostak, aliens are probably “listening patiently and cautiously to find out if the contact with them is set up.” The astronomer does not exclude that the signal may be received by the researchers on Earth.

The SETI project, which began in 1959, aims to search for extraterrestrial life. At the beginning of the 2000s the “alien busters” believed that due to the rapid growth of computer technology mankind will be able to make contact with other worlds in 2025.

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