When visiting the ancient pyramids of Giza, you may be left in awe of their splendor, well, of course, you will. These magnificent wonders of the world are immense!

Just like with Easter Island, you may find yourself contemplating how the pyramids were built as well. They seem almost impossible to have been constructed in the time that historians document. The truth remains the same.

The Giza pyramids were constructed from huge stones that were located in nearby quarries, they were dragged back to the pyramid’s design location and they were placed just so, among the other stones of the giant man-made wonder. Yes, among the many wonders of the world, these have withstood the test of time like no others.

Guess Work

There are many theories on how these giant pyramids of Giza were constructed. Some of these ideas are simplistic and lean more toward amazing feats of strength.

Basically, many people think that large numbers of workers pulled the stones with ropes, dragging the beasts through sands and stones. If this was the case, then there would have to be teams of workers from sun up until sundown, each and every day, diligently raising the proud monument to Egypt’s delight. Yes, this could be the case, but there are other theories as well.

As amazing as that idea was, it left no real room for ingenuity. Other ideas revolve around transportation devices that moved the huge stones into place, with less effort on the human body.

Sleds, pulleys and other similar devices could have been used, which would save time and energy. Although, if this was the case, the roadways would have had to been smoothed over beforehand, and even wetted down for faster transport.

Physicists, however, have yet another theory on how these amazing giants were built.

A New Idea

Is it possible that the stones could change shape in order to be moved? You would think this to be madness, but it has an element of truth. To understand this idea, you have to understand the scale of the pyramid.

Each pyramid had to contain a certain number of stones. On a daily basis, almost a thousand stones had to be placed upon the foundation of this huge structure. Each stone, weighing approximately 2 tons, would need to be brought from the nearby quarry and placed strategically. With this being said, was there a better way to build a great pyramid?

Physicists from Indiana University led by Joseph West claim that the Egyptians or the slaves came up with a system that could roll the stones. A dodecagon or cylinder enclosed stone was created to transport the material. This system seemed to work very well as long as the road surface was uniform.

Since these building blocks were so large, the cylinder shapes would have to come from wood that was a large as the masts of ships. As large scale as this may seem, it was nothing compared to the other options in material transport.

Maybe the physicists are right, and maybe this is why there was so much attention to detail. Without the extra work in transporting materials, the workers were better able to fortify the structure.

For Years to come

So the mysteries are gradually beginning to see the light of day. The Pyramids of Giza not only reveal how they were built; they also serve as a testimony of their long life. Among all the other wonders of the world, the pyramids have lasted the longest in a complete form.

Maybe it doesn’t just have to do with size at all or even the weather conditions. Maybe the secret to the pyramids long life lies within these secrets of construction. More than likely, these giant structures will continue to amaze for many years to come-revealing more secrets about their beauty.

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  1. George E Moss

    I agree the pyramids of Egypt and elsewhere are truly awesome, but their mode of construction will not be found in standard mechanics or in purely material thought pattern. I am able to speak as an experienced scientist and seance group communicator. You may regard me as a freak … that’s okay. But the truth is: the Pyramids of Giza are a salient part of an extraterrestrial mission to our planet and those humans in Egypt at the time were spiritually advanced and receptive towards them.

    The stones were quarried, transported and placed using their own ET methods of de-materialization/re-materialization. One pair of pyramid sides are exactly east-west so that the structure interacts with aether as Earth rotates to produce energy (and still does). Pyramid energies have amazing properties that have been thoroughly investigated and details published by Russian Professors Golod and Krasnoholovets. The ETs used the pyramids for teaching, healing and well-being of Earth people. The last of them were Horus, Isis and Osiris. (They were ETs, not mythical monsters.) Sadly, after they left, the Pharaohs misbehaved, materialism and amassing wealth set in and the wonderful knowledge that had been imparted was lost over the years.

    We are speaking of a time 12,000 years ago. The cartouches are Egyptian and came much, much later. I have recently visited the Bosnian pyramids that are even older and they were part of a similar ET mission to our planet. I have received this information from ET beings, one Angelic being and advanced beings in spirit, and I have been able to discuss these matters in scientific terms. Earthly scientists must be accepting of spirit and the aether before they can begin to understand pyramid construction, our place in the universe and indeed cosmology.

    1. Sherrie


      I do not see you as a freak. Who am I to say that what you speak of is untrue. I have read Chariots of the Gods and yes, it makes me question many things. I thank you for all your input here and information. Honestly, I have always questioned the validity of how the pyramids were built.

  2. Otto Bhan

    Uh… ok. Its your story. You can tell it here.

    Leaving before the building collapses.

    1. Sherrie

      LOl, Otto,
      Thank you for reading. *Gathers her rubble and tries again*.

  3. Bryan

    food for thought– In 2000, 4000, 6000+ years from now, how many TV’s, cars, houses, ANY modern ‘convenience’ is going to exist? You will find nothing. Not even our books or digital media will still exist. Things we’ve carved in metal to preserve through history will likely be looted and sold for scrap. So looking back, they will question how we lived without electric, or houses, or running water. We’ll be seen just as ‘untechnological’ as we consider those of the past.

    How many of our historic documents do we have carved in stone? Or portraits in/on rocks to last through out history? MAYBE, just MAYBE, *WE* are the dumb ones.

    How long would it take us to build such a pyramid today?

    1. Sherrie


      This comment made me want to create a sculpture of something substantial or carve an important message into a stone. There are so many things that we take for granted, truth be told, and it’s disturbing. You woke me up with this comment and now I will be trapped analyzing everything today. haha

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