Self-deception runs rampant in society, especially for those who suffer from mental disorders. There is nothing worse than lies we tell ourselves.

It doesn’t matter whether you suffer from anxiety or depression, there are still lies which dwell in the mind causing irrational reasoning. Self-deception forces us to turn inward, afraid of what society will think and how we will react. There are no greater lies than those which decrease the quality of life. Self-deception does this.

As for me and my house…

Many times, I use myself as an example, and this is because there is no better way to convey what you mean, without using yourself as the first witness. I know about lying to myself, because I did it every day – still do sometimes. It’s probably the main reason I sleep too much and refuse to go out. Hey, I’m not perfect, but I’m working on it. I didn’t get this way overnight, you know.

On the contrary, a part of me has always had a bit of reclusiveness, introverted tendencies, and avoidance goals. From a young age, I shied away from others in fear of being rejected. I honestly cannot remember a time where I felt “normal”. But not everyone is like me, however, and some people have adapted to this behavior over time, scared by the lies in their own mind.

I had few friends, my mother sheltered me and I was being abused on a daily basis by another family member. My mind was telling me all sorts of things about why I wasn’t good enough or how I was disgusting. I believed it for the most part and just accepted the fact that I was trapped in a little white farmhouse in the south, surrounded by forests and little dirt roads. I was just living there until I was old enough to run away. I got away eventually, but the wounds were so deep that I carried the self-deception into adulthood.

Lies vary. There are many ways to deceive yourself.

Some people struggle with self-deception, and then there are those who suffer with these same lies and with the inability to stop them. Lies can be strong, so strong as to completely change the structure of your brain and cause physical repercussions. Living with a mental disorder, of any kind, can make eliminating self-deception seem almost impossible. It can be done, you just have to recognize it’s many faces first. It’s LIES! It’s just all LIES!

  1. “I’m sick! I can’t beat this disease!”

One of the most prevalent lies that dwell in the mind of the mentally disabled is how we can never be healed. Our mind tells us that we are doomed to repeat all unhealthy mental behaviors. The beast has won, stolen our victory that we had planned for our lives. The dream is dead and there is no hope.

The truth is, there is always hope – there are always new ways, new therapies and new nutrients which can help heal the broken aspect of our mind. The main obstacle here is being able to find a loophole in our thinking. If we can get beyond the lie, we can utilize the truth to move mountains in our lives. Truth is, you need support and consistency to help you see the truth.

  1. “I’m a freak”

A common lie among those who suffer from mental disorders is that they are freaks – maybe not exactly that word, but something similar. Some of these lines include: “I am different”, “I am strange”, or simply, “I am just not like anyone else and that’s bad.”

The truth is, there is nothing wrong with you. If you are different, then that’s unique and something you should be proud of. I have to practice this myself, and when I start feeling like a freak, I say, I won’t believe this lie. I am unique, special and there is something I can contribute to life. Others can learn from me as well.”

  1. “I’m going to fail.”

I hate this lie. This one keeps me from moving forward with my dreams because I just don’t believe I can be successful. Self-deception teaches us to expect failure instead of success, and this is what makes us stop trying. Instead of entering a contest, we refrain, in fear of not winning. Instead of applying for a job, we decline, in fear of being turned down. This also goes for relationships too. Many times, we won’t meet people because we are so scared of failing at friendship.

The truth is, you will win sometimes, no matter how many times you fail. No one always fails, and no one always succeeds. You are not cursed or strange, you can do it! You can accomplish whatever you set your mind to do, as long as you don’t listen to its lies.

  1. “They don’t like me. I can tell because they look at me funny.”

This lie will warp the way you see yourself if you’re not careful. When someone looks at you in a certain way, it seems like they are thinking negative thoughts about you. I know, I’ve felt that before. If they frown, it must be because they don’t like you, right?

Wrong, the truth is, more than likely, there is something, that doesn’t have anything to do with you, going on in their life. Or, they could simply be feeling physically bad and just happen to look in your direction. You cannot assume that someone dislikes you because of their expression. Yes, it does happen, but probably not as much as you think.

  1. “I said something weird, now they don’t like me.”

I have suffered through this mentality so many times that I cannot count the instances. I remember saying some of the silliest things and then worrying about the impression left on others. It’s easy to be your quirky self and then later, feel paranoid about it. You’re afraid, I get it, afraid that they will dislike you because you are weird.

Truth is, weird people rock! I like being strange, offbeat and funky. I still have moments where I panic a little, but then I remind myself that it doesn’t matter what they think, as long as my character is quality. Sometimes, they might not even dislike you. Maybe they will feel free to be themselves too!

So, here’s the scoop, okay.

Self-deception is more harmful than you can imagine. Not only do you have to battle your mental shortcomings, but then you have to worry about what others think too. This should not be happening. Remember this: your mind will lie to you when it’s not the healthiest. Pay attention to when you start ruminating on these lies and deceptions. Is it one of your off days? Are you feeling rather dark, to begin with? Has anxiety struck already this morning?

Correlating these lies with your episodes and anxiety attacks will give you a clue to the truth. The truth is not hard to find either.

The truth is….You are blessed, perfect and worthy of anything you want! Don’t listen to the lies! You’re better than you ever thought you were.

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