Sensitive people have been hiding under the label of Drama Queen or Attention Seeker.

However, being friends with a sensitive person has some serious upsides. It’s time to remove the bad reputation from the sensitive person and allow them to be exactly who they are.

Here are some reasons that you should take the bad that comes with a lot of good.

1. They Are The Most Supportive

Sensitive people can be among the most supportive friends you can make. They can love and care for you more deeply than others, and they can get excited for you in everything you do; even if it’s small.

2. They Will Make You Feel Special

Sensitive people love putting effort into everything they do, and they love doing things for other people. Birthdays, parties and holidays are the favourite time of year for the sensitive person, because they can put all their effort into making others happy.

3. They’re Great Listeners

Sensitive people know how it feels so be upset better than anyone, and they hate seeing others feeling sad; they will make a huge effort to listen to what you’re dealing with and give advice on what you should do.

4. They Have The Best Advice

Sensitive people seem to have a knack for getting themselves into difficult situations, so they’re masters at getting out of them. This can make them the best people to go to when you need help getting yourself out of a sticky situation.

5. They Are Completely Honest

The sensitive person can be very genuine, and also very honest. If you need an opinion on something important, they can be the best to go to. They can give you the reality of both the positive and negative sides to your predicament.

6. They’re Incredibly Creative

Sensitive people have a relationship with the world that others don’t. They can see beauty in places we can’t, and this can make them much more creative than your average person. If you need help for an original idea, the sensitive person can be best to go to for a new way of thinking about something.

7. They’re Incredibly Hard Workers

Sensitive people strive to put in 100% effort, and 9 times out of 10 they can do an amazing job. They put their all into everything they do, so whether it’s a project you need help with or an exam you need to revise for, the sensitive person can be the best person to go to for help.

8. They Feel Deeply

Sensitive people love very deeply, but they can also hate deeply, too. That ex who broke your heart? Tell them to prepare himself for the wrath of the sensitive person.

9. They Will Know How You Feel, Even Before You Do

Sensitive people are highly in tune with their own emotions, and it makes them experts at reading emotions in others. Even if you’re just slightly disgruntled at the idiot driver in front of you on the drive to work, the sensitive person could be able to sense it off you and will do their utmost to make you feel better.

10. They’re Interesting To Be Around

One of the great downfalls of a sensitive person is the fact that there is almost always a drama, but this isn’t always a bad thing. Life is never boring with the sensitive person and you will never live the same day twice.

So it’s time to stop labelling the sensitive person as a negative. They are probably one of the best friends you could ever have, and if you just embrace them for exactly who they are they will definitely reciprocate.

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