When we are stuck in life, or not sure which way to go, we can look for signs from the universe to offer us guidance towards our life’s purpose.

Sometimes it can be hard to know what to do in life. Do we trust our hearts or our heads? How do we balance our own needs with those of others? Is following our dreams irresponsible? Is our partner really the one for us? All these questions and more can trouble our peace of mind. Happily, there are often signs from the universe that can guide us towards making the best decisions.

Sometimes the universe gives us huge signs that can act as a wake-up call for when we are on the wrong path. Crises in our lives, while sometimes painful, make us stronger, teach us lessons and help us to get back on the right path. But the universe often guides us in more subtle ways.

It can be hard to tune in to these signs from the universe. However, it is worth looking out for these hints as, if we can learn the lessons and follow their guidance, we are less likely to suffer a serious crisis in our lives. What seems to be our worst problems are often the universe’s attempts to wake us up. If we make an effort to be attentive, we may be able to avoid some of the bigger problems in life.

Though it can sometimes be hard to read the messages of universal energy, by paying attention to the signs from the universe we can help our lives go more smoothly. The universe wants to help us, but often we block ourselves from receiving its help. We dismiss coincidences and ignore the signs.

It is possible to become more attuned to the signs from the universe that are sent to guide us. We can learn to understand the language of the universe by looking out for the following signs.

1. Synchronicity

Often the universe sends us signs in the form of synchronicity. When we are on the right path, little coincidences occur often. We may receive a call from someone we were thinking of, or the exact information we need to make an informed decision.

We may ask the universe for guidance and receive it in the form of intelligence from a friend or just the right book falling into our hands. When these things happen, you know you are receiving divine guidance and that you are on the right path in life.

Conversely, when everything seems a struggle and things always seem to go wrong, the universe is asking you to look at your life and make adjustments. Struggle rarely gets us where we want to be. In this case, it is best to take a step back, breathe and think about the direction of our lives. Ask the universe for further guidance and see what comes up.

2. Health

Our physical health can guide us to the right path in life. Illness, accidents, and ailments can be signs from the universe sent to guide us. Many spiritual traditions associate certain illnesses with our spiritual needs. For example, the throat chakra is associated with being able to express ourselves freely. Therefore, a problem with the throat or thyroid could indicate a need to express our own needs, ideas, and desires.

In more general terms, lethargy and depression suggest you are not living the life meant for you, while an abundance of energy and vitality indicates that you are. To follow the guidance of the universe, notice how you feel with certain people, in certain situations, and while doing certain activities.

Anything that leaves us drained out of proportion to the situation may be doing us harm. Sometimes the activity should be avoided. However, sometimes it is our attitude that is at fault. We all have to do things we don’t like at times, however, we can do them with a good attitude.

3. Dreams

Our dreams can offer us powerful signs from the universe. It is well worth keeping a dream diary as these messages are easily forgotten. If you do not frequently remember dreams, consider repeating the following mantra three times before bed:

Tonight I will receive and remember the messages of the dream world.

Spend some time reflecting on your dreams as they can contain messages from the universe, the spirit world, and your own unconscious. Dream dictionaries can help, but always remember that you are the best person to decipher your own dreams and do not take definitions too literally. Think about what the messages might mean for your own life.

If you have nightmares or dreams about dead people, do not be afraid that they foretell a disaster or death. In fact, they usually indicate a time of great change and growth in your life to come.

4. Losing or breaking something

When we lose or break something we cherish, it can often be that the universe is teaching us to let go. After my mother died, many of the things she had given me got broken.

This hurt a lot at the time. A crack even appeared in the diamond ring she had given me. Seeing as diamonds are so strong, I realized that this was a sign. I now see that I did not need material things to be close to her. She is part of me and always will be.

When everyday things go missing or are broken, this can be a sign that we are too busy and hurried and need to slow down. If life is too rushed it can fly past without us ever appreciating its beauty.

5. Problems and delays

If you are experiencing problems, delays and roadblock at every turn, the universe might be guiding you to think differently. Perhaps the path you have chosen is not right for you. Alternatively, it might be your energy that needs adjustment. Doing things with the energy of lack or despair rarely results in a happy outcome.

Take a step back and ask yourself some questions about how and why you are doing what you are doing. Then ask the universe to guide you further.

6. Physical signs

The universe will often guide us with physical signs. However, many of us miss these. Signs can be anything from seeing a white feather drift down from the sky to a particular bird or animal. Or they can be more directly related to your own path. Once, when I was deciding whether I should try to make my living as a writer, I found an empty ink bottle half-buried in the path where I walk my dogs.

If you regularly see a particular bird or animal, then look up the spiritual meaning of the creature. It may be your totem and offer guidance on the energy and characteristics you need to adopt to move forward in life.

Closing thoughts

If we begin to pay attention to these signs, we may soon find ourselves guided in the most amazing, joyful and profitable ways. If you have yet to experience any signs from the universe, you can encourage them by tuning in to their source.

Being on the lookout for such signs is often the first step. We often close our minds and dismiss events as coincidences or as of no consequence. However, when we begin to pay attention, the universe invariably sends us more information.

It can also help to make a record of events and look for patterns. Keep a dream diary and make a note of all synchronicities in your life and you will soon begin to learn the language of the universe.


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