An energy or psychic attack can happen to anyone. In this article, we explore what it is and how to recognize it.

Have you ever faced a sudden and totally unexpected negative response from someone? And has this rubbed off onto you, almost instantly making you angry and upset too? A psychic attack (also known as an energy attack) is exactly that. It comes very quickly and is caused by someone else’s negative energy being directed at you.

Negative energy, or low energy, doesn’t necessarily have to come from a person’s words; it can come from someone’s thoughts, attitudes and emotions as well.

Low energy is basically any type of energy that is produced from feeling an emotion anything less than happiness. This could be worry, doubt, fear, sadness, anger or anything else of the sort.

Of course, if you are an empath, then you are going to be more greatly affected by low energy attacks. But regardless, even the most emotionally strong can be affected too.

It can hit anyone at any time and has the ability to completely and suddenly change your mood and a general feeling of wellbeing.

It should be noted that a psychic attack can happen not only in face to face interactions with people but from a distance too. For instance, over the internet or on a phone call.

Here are ten of the most common signs that you may be experiencing a psychic attack.

  1. Coughing or choking on seemingly nothing in particular.
  2. Feeling cranky or easily irritated.
  3. A throbbing headache or even symptoms of a migraine.
  4. Feeling stomach cramps or nausea.
  5. Constant feelings of guilt, anxiety or worry eating away at you all throughout your day.
  6. Having a sudden feeling of disorientation or feeling out of sync.
  7. Difficulty in breathing or a tight feeling in your chest.
  8. Feeling sharp pains around the shoulders, chest and/or back.
  9. Feeling like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.
  10. Suddenly feeling angry or on edge for no apparent reason.

Our natural reaction is always to blame or point fingers at ourselves when we feel this way. But in actual fact, if you find yourself feeling any or all of these symptoms on a regular basis, yet all of a sudden, it means that you are being hit by someone else’s negative energy – not your own.

Once you acknowledge that this is happening, you can then begin to look for the source and identify the problem.

Have you ever experienced the above-described symptoms of a psychic attack? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. loner McDonald

    i think you people are nut cases. pure crazy. how about that old saying get a life. loner

  2. Ankur Nag

    I have a question :- How we can begin to look for the source and identify the problem ? I to some extend agree with few of the symptoms

  3. blah

    You didn’t explain the mechanism. Information is insufficient to affirm such things.

  4. kamar

    How we protect ourselves from psychic attacks and how to heal from them?

  5. Jack

    I am a strong spiritually in tuned, positive energy driven person but recently after a pretty heavy life lesson I experienced something which has never happened on my path. It was as though I had woken up from a long sleep and after looking into it I found it was a spiritual awakening that changed how I see reality. I have now the ability to feel other people’s emotions, see colours radiate from people’s body’s, smell answers through familiar odour’s, project emotion into other people, my physical body heals at an incredibly fast rate, I’m no longer over powered by my emotions and feel no temptation, accurate prediction’s, download other people’s existence just from focusing my attention on the individual and not even have a verbal conversation, there are more but to much to type and I want to touch on the negative attacks I’ve been receiving. The attacks I’m receiving are like I’m living in a demonic horror movie and at first I didn’t understand why anxiety was consuming me when I had never suffered any mental illness and lived a strong full life up til this point. Like most spiritual lives a strong spiritual guy appears into my life and immediately informs me of what up against and helped me visually see the actual people under negative control that surrounded me in everyday life. I remember going to night clubs with him completely sober and the first time it was unforgettable as half the club population stopped what they were doing and stared at us not moving completely silent and in waves they launch these attacks. The first night it was emotional and I would leave the club leaving my mate behind filled with anxiety and my friend who stayed to not let the negative beat him like it did me was threatened and stood over without reason. I wasn’t going to let this win so I continued placing myself in these situations and in three weeks I was able to beat the anxiety attacks I was receiving and no longer feel anxiety but let’s not forget the war with an unseen enemy that could be anywhere. My life is different in a way that unless you have lived my experiences you will think I’m crazy when really I’m completely sane just now I can see with more than my eyes and it’s that’s reason I think I now visually see what very few others can.

  6. Nichole

    Hi all, I really need advice or help , I have all the symtops of someone that is being psychicly attacked. I am in such a bad space I don’t leave my room or home .

  7. Angelic

    I was having one of the Best days ever today! The most Positive & Connected energy ever flowing through me! I mean even everyone around me could feel it! When I came home it was all the same as Much Positive & Loving energy. Happiest I have ever been. Until my Boyfriend came home from work. He seemed Happy though but I am a Empath and could feel a different kinda of energy coming from him. Like deceitful energy…. Ever since I have had a extremely severe headache… it was all of a sudden like being hit with a baseball bat to the head… Can it really be him?

  8. Violet

    A few days ago, I did experience a psychic attack brought on by a former acquaintance with whom I stopped communicating and stopped being physically close through hugs that I felt very uncomfortable to give him. As a result, he texted me with so
    much anger and disdain. I was caught off guard and I experienced nausea for 2 days and nights that I had to get up in the
    middle of the night and pace in my bedroom so as not to vomit and remove the nauseous feeling on 2 separate occasions.
    Usually, the nausea went away. I had also felt bad stomach cramps and difficulty breathing with heaviness in my chest. My body did not seem to absorb the food I ate. Then I realized I could be suffering from a psychic attack. I immediately took measures to protect and heal myself, not with medication, but by performing the ritual of lighting a candle and burning incense
    to remove the negative energy. Next, I chanted with my mala (108 beads) made of obsidian prior to going to sleep. On the second night of this ritual (lighting candle and incense burning) to cleanse the environment and chanting with my obsidian mala that I neglected to do for a long time, my body’s energetic level changed. I immediately felt a sense of well-being. And as my physical body went through changes that made me well, I felt in my stomach a skinny rope being pulled out. and as it slowly left my stomach, there was the feeling of relief equivalent to a process of healing taking place inside my stomach. I do practice Tibetan Buddhism and am also familiar with crystals that I often use for protection.
    On the third day, I was back to normal, and food tasted better to the point my body absorbed it again. This was not the
    first time I had experienced psychic attack. Usually psychic attacks occur when you are not vigilant. They’re always out
    there and the best way to avoid them to keep up with your spiritual practice, chanting and listening to Buddhist music and

  9. A really sensitive one

    Heyy!! I’m very used to being attacked, in all sorts of ways. My energy is really huge, and not grounded, so I fly to anyone and leave myself way too often. This leaves me in a helpless state which I can’t get out from. My solar plexus, if you are familiar with it, is like a large cloud instead of a strong point in my body. I tend to get stuck in other people’s body and my own body gets drained so my legs start hurting. The problem haven’t occured that frequently the last months, luckily, it started two years ago after my first attempt of astral projection, I guess I opened something in my legs who was being dorment.

    I’ve always been «too» connected to those around me, it’s funny… whenever I went to pee, I’d just stand or sit there because somebody else wasn’t peeing. This is still a huge problem for me and a clear – and rather embarassing – proof we’re all connected.

    Today I had to search up about this after twenty minutes of plain torture. It started with me reaching out with my heart to two apparently very negative people. Whenever I type their names, or at least the first one, I’m attacked again, as if my will, and focus, is determined through both thought and all other sorts of action. If that makes sense.

    Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. UGH! I kept thinking of the first one, couldn’t get away. I’m able to see people’s auras, and some other things, and what I saw just didn’t leave my conscious mind… as if i was pulled back continiously. I didn’t know what to do, but I went and got my onyx necklace to try to protect myself, and it didn’t do much. So I picked up and held three pieces of bornite, or peacock ore, and it did wonders!

    Here’s my point. My heart’s still being hit… but bornite is known to be agressive towards negativity! It fights it off. Please, please, if you are used to psychic attacks, get a bunch of these stones, or at least one, and keep it with you. You’ll be surprised at what it does.

    And any skeptics out there, you’ll be amazed when you discover feelings! And love! It exists even though you might not see it. Thoughts do too, when i come to think about it. Thanks for reading this work of art, ladies and gentlemen! I am still trying to figure out how to go to sleep, and holding real tight onto my piece of bornites. I bought mines from Jay Essex, if you wanna dig into some real crazy stuff. Have fun

  10. Andrijana

    “Of course, if you are an empath, then you are going to be more greatly affected by low energy attacks. But regardless, even the most emotionally strong can be affected too.” Just you saying that an empath is not an emotionally strong being tells me how little you know about this stuff.. Do you even know what an empath is?

    1. Anna LeMind

      I think you misunderstood what the author wanted to say – this phrase means that an empath is more sensitive to energies than other people, not that they are weaker.

    2. Jodie

      I think you and I are the only ones that caught that ignorant remark. As a fellow empathy I agree completely with you.

  11. A friend

    It should be noted that those who feel attacks are also the ones doing the attacking as well. It is called the reflection principle. Those who think they are not need to meditate on that fact until you embrace it and discipline themselves to not make the first “low blow” and provoke such actions, whether innocently or not. That is a more conscious way more proactive. Monitor your own thoughts, words and actions. Self awareness is critical. Love attracts love, harmony attracts harmony, like attracts like so what are you putting out of your energy field? When attacked, send love and peace to that soul, not fear or hostility. Build your own field through exercise, breathwork, meditation, energy healing. It could be you’re weakness was exposed and they just made it obvious. Good! Now you can get to strengthening you. Namaste.

    1. bo

      Once you start going against the system (spiritual as well) you will get attacks. Too many souls benefitting energetically from millions of beings under their control.

  12. Daniel

    Since my sister came back to town, even thought I have no contact, I feel worried and threatened.

  13. [email protected]

    Hi ,

    I am an empath, someone with really intense nasty energy has come into my life, like a narcissitc personality type. i tried to set limits but he keeps overstepping the boundries
    , i am sensitve soul and need to make stand agianst this type of interaction. it leaves me scattered irritable and with headaches and being around this type of energy is becoming a problem for me energetically

  14. Ann Jones

    I get a large amount of psychic attack combined with black magic. I know exactly where it is coming from and the individuals are NARCISSTIC in nature, and retaliate by sneaky methods. It is so far as doing their best to block,obstruct so I am surrounded by their crappy stuff and pathological as they come. Biggest issues they steal personal items constantly because my energy is on it and they can work with it.

    Main ones always work in threes and use other to do their bidding, or just want to keep a person down and controlled. Cannot walk and chew gum, but want to interfere in someone else’s life.

    One of the best things is talking about it and exposing the, as much as possible.

    Remember a wolf in sheep clothing is quite deceitful if you are not experienced or know what to look for.

  15. June Crook

    I am a empath and recently stayed with a friend I ad not met before but I had a strong connection over the phone. It was wonderful the first day ii got there. e had completely shit me out the second day. Later I had pains in my chest that ended up in a severe panic attack. Things were better next day but II was completely out of sync. I couldn’t eat properly the whole six days I was there; I ad major headaches and was very submissive to him. I ad another severe panic attack before I left. I found even his voice on the phone gave me body shakes and I got agitated. I couldn’t settle or about a week once I got home I thought we might be twin flames. He ended up feeling really good, motivated and positive while I was there I ended up feeling drained unmotivated and sick. I have cut of all contact but I still feel tied to him.

  16. Nazmeen Naz

    Just felt it. A psychic attack. It was much much intense even I cannot explain this feeling. It was too heavy.. suddenly i felt disorganised and highly melancholic without any reason..and i started crying.. I’m an sister came.. she also felt something wrong with me.. and then i realised it is some negative energy attacking on me so hard. Then i Googled it.and found this article and it’s so true. I can relate to it completely. I just need to know how i could be alright and prevent myself from such attacks?

  17. Mike

    I have been getting what I thought was normal headaches for the last three days bout the same time my forehead and the back of my head would be pounding just out of the blue, then I came across this article and realized it’s a negative energy attack. I’m a empath but I don’t know how I can block these attacks or know who is doing this to me.

  18. Daniel

    I’m under some kind of attack. It’s hurting me can’t take it drains my energy.strips me of my motivation. Can’t function properly. And headaches for weeks now.and all the people around me are pushing my’s been going on for a long time now.I feel like I’m going have a nervous breakdown. And they thrive on me its the wicked that are at me snares plots very evil.the book of psalms speaks of everything that they do.I do my best to not let it get to me and to forgive them the place where I’m living don’t like the word.of GOD.and all Daniel

  19. Noble

    Hi i have been having headaches, neck pain and back pain for some weeks now feel like i have been psychic attacked

  20. Grace

    Being highly empathic, I have learned how to protect myself. I tolerate no spiritual/emotional/psychic vampires whatsoever in my life! I recognize them (many times before or without seeing them) and I instantly rebuke them. I pray consistently against all kinds of of attacks in advance and casting out those that have crept in. It is something that needs to be done diligently because this world is a battlefield. That being said, it is worth the time & effort. God rewards the diligent+

    1. David

      Hello Grace thank you for you comments. It is a releif there is a way to counter the attacks.

      I know who the source of my pschic attacks, it is my boss from work. How do i counter or send back all of the negative energy she has been throwing me? Your post is greately appreciated.

      Best regards


  21. bern

    Thanks for your interesting forum/website…I presently have related issues.


  22. Leila

    I am emotionally involved with a man who has been in a loveless relationship for years. We are spiritual connected. I know when he’s awake and I can feel him near me sometimes when we are not around each other. I have tried to avoid being attached to him but I cant seem to get away. He’s a very good man, however I feel quilty because he has someone else. We talk but no physical contact. The last 2 times he came by 2 check on me he had an attack once he got home. He said he thought he was dying went to hospital they found nothing. The next time he stopped by just to check on me and elderly mom. He had another attack before he could get home. Do you think he’s being attacked by this female. I dont want to seem naive but i know things like this do exist. I told him to stay away because I believe he’s having negative energy directed to him. She really doesnt want him, has cheated on him and he loves her. He works very hard to provide for her but she doesnt appreciate the life that he has given her. I think thats why he has suffered these 2 attacks after visiting my home. He only simply checks maybe he @ the door for 5 or ten minutes then he’s gone. So I know she doesnt want him to come by and told him to stay away as well as I have. Now he’s having negative attacks ???? What’s gong on

    1. Rich

      i used to work with a younger lady like that til she moved to U.K. I could feel her before she entered the room. She has a boyfriend blaaahh… but she can feel something. Almost like a past life partner? In your case if that lady he’s with is just using him maybe you need to sweep in on him. I think he’s with the wrong lady, he’s probably only interested because she’s good in bed… who knows? You will make him really happy. He would need to cut ties with her and any energetic chords etc.. plenty of Sharmans around 😉👍🏻

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