An energy or psychic attack can happen to anyone. In this article, we explore what it is and how to recognize it.

Have you ever faced a sudden and totally unexpected negative response from someone? And has this rubbed off onto you, almost instantly making you angry and upset too? A psychic attack (also known as an energy attack) is exactly that. It comes very quickly and is caused by someone else’s negative energy being directed at you.

Negative energy, or low energy, doesn’t necessarily have to come from a person’s words; it can come from someone’s thoughts, attitudes and emotions as well.

Low energy is basically any type of energy that is produced from feeling an emotion anything less than happiness. This could be worry, doubt, fear, sadness, anger or anything else of the sort.

Of course, if you are an empath, then you are going to be more greatly affected by low energy attacks. But regardless, even the most emotionally strong can be affected too.

It can hit anyone at any time and has the ability to completely and suddenly change your mood and a general feeling of wellbeing.

It should be noted that a psychic attack can happen not only in face to face interactions with people but from a distance too. For instance, over the internet or on a phone call.

Here are ten of the most common signs that you may be experiencing a psychic attack.

  1. Coughing or choking on seemingly nothing in particular.
  2. Feeling cranky or easily irritated.
  3. A throbbing headache or even symptoms of a migraine.
  4. Feeling stomach cramps or nausea.
  5. Constant feelings of guilt, anxiety or worry eating away at you all throughout your day.
  6. Having a sudden feeling of disorientation or feeling out of sync.
  7. Difficulty in breathing or a tight feeling in your chest.
  8. Feeling sharp pains around the shoulders, chest and/or back.
  9. Feeling like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders.
  10. Suddenly feeling angry or on edge for no apparent reason.

Our natural reaction is always to blame or point fingers at ourselves when we feel this way. But in actual fact, if you find yourself feeling any or all of these symptoms on a regular basis, yet all of a sudden, it means that you are being hit by someone else’s negative energy – not your own.

Once you acknowledge that this is happening, you can then begin to look for the source and identify the problem.

Have you ever experienced the above-described symptoms of a psychic attack? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Christina Lawson, B.A.

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