Many people are smarter than they think. If you think this could be you, check out these signs.

Intelligence depends very much on context. In a room full of mathematicians, a writer could appear clueless. However, when the same writer’s work is published in a newspaper, very few people would question their intelligence. So, as everyone is intelligent in specific contexts, there is an instance where everyone appears smart.

If your form of intelligence doesn’t fit neatly into an academic box, then don’t worry, you’re in good company. Many people are intelligent practically, using their hands to craft incredible art, whilst others are emotionally intelligent, being able to respond to other people’s needs intuitively.

In fact, many people are much smarter than they think or give themselves credit for.

If you think this could be you, or someone you know, check out the list below for signs that you’re smarter than you probably think.

1. You’re your worst critic

Do you beat yourself up when you don’t know the answer to something? Whilst this seemed like an example of a time you lacked knowledge, it actually shows that you get frustrated by not being right, probably because you often are. People with high IQs tend to criticize themselves more harshly, as they feel like they should know all the answers.

2. People often get you wrong

Maybe your vocabulary is too expansive or your humour is too niche because people often don’t quite understand your intentions. Smart people often confuse other people around them, meaning they have to explain themselves to others time and time again.

3. You’re surrounded by smart people

People often hang around with people who are similar to them. Have you noticed that lots of your friends are super smart? Probably because you are too. This makes total sense as people want to be around others they can relate to and feel on the same level as.

4. You aim high

Smart people are encouraged to achieve highly and expected to do so. Even as children, smart kids are placed in separate classes and taught different things. Because of this, smart people tend to have great ambitions for the future.

Whether that’s a university degree or excelling in a top-level job, there is likely to be a plan in place from an early age. So if you are firmly on track towards your career goals, you’re likely to be in smart company.

5. You enjoy playing games and solving puzzles

If you relish getting the last piece of the puzzle, filling in tricky crosswords or a tense game of poker, you’re showing signs of great intelligence. These games require analytical thinking and concentration, which appeals to smart people. The competitive nature of a lot of these games also allows smarter people to try and out-smart each other, something that many clever people like to do!

6. People tell you you’re intelligent

Perhaps you were made fun of as a kid, being called a ‘clever-clogs’ ‘boffin’ or a ‘smarty-pants’. But the truth behind the teasing is that you’re smart and you show signs of intelligence that people pick up on. So forget those negative associations from the playground and take ownership of your intelligence, it’s something to be proud of.


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  1. Stephen Beres

    “forget those negative associations from the playground and take ownership of your intelligence, it’s something to be proud of.”
    That’s good advice. I’ve always been self conscious of my genius intellect and my Mensa membership. Being very smart can be very lonely. Full of knowledge that few can understand and appreciate.

    1. Kristine Krisak

      I agree with this on many levels, sadly I’m alone most of the time to when I speak deeply with some of my ability, I tend to shutdown most right then & there, so I’m pretty silent otherwise, & as a INTJ -A/-C I’ve accepted that I’ll likely be a loner for life….

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