The way you see things defines your world. Those are the words of Michael Michalko a highly acclaimed creative mind in business. You can actually change the way you look at things and in response, the things you look at will definitely change.

Self-development is always about getting the best out of you because it is within. It needs you to reach out and shove the greatness out of its suppressing nest.

Enough talk; let us see what should be done. If you have low self-esteem, you should know that it is not a genetic problem that cannot be changed.

Low self-esteem is neither an infection that needs medication to suppress. It a perceptive situation. It is all about how you feel about yourself.

These simple activities can change the way you see things and enable self-improvement.

1. Be around crowds

When you are with people, you get to understand people. Self-improvement comes as a result of interacting with people and learning from the environment. People with low esteem feel inferior to other people.

When you get to know people better, you know that everyone has a weakness. This will give you the courage to stand out and develop the necessary confidence. Being with people is a good start for priming the way you look at things. You will be exposed to different opinions that will shape your idea of situations.

2. Practice public speaking

Public speaking not only helps you in communication but also allows you to be confident of your potential. When you speak in public and people follow or encourage you, you realize that you are more than what you perceive yourself to be.

To realize this, try to talk about a topic that you understand. Your audience will react to your opinion with approval.

Take these steps gradually before addressing audiences where you may face challenges or opponents. With continuous practice, you will become more confident and address serious issues.

3. Do not see more than you are expected to see

Our greatest weakness as a human is stereotyping issues and characters. When you stereotype your clear vision is blocked and you take the opinion of the crowd. For self-development, you need to discover and appreciate your potential. Serotyping puts limits and prevents self-discovery.

When you are unique, you become shy and lack the confidence to express yourself. You need to shed out public opinion and develop an identity.

To do this, take up activities reading biographies. When you read, you will know stories of people who bit odds to become who they are because they understood the odds are a creation of stereotypes.

4. Shun past experiences

Past experiences that cloud your future should be shunned and left in the past. You are defined by what you can do not what happened. Take a positive step every morning knowing that it is a new day to take advantage of because the past is what it was.

The best you can get from the past is a lesson. Do not let the past be your map because it will definitely take you back. Travel to learn and mold your future.

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