According to a neuroscientist from Sydney, the phenomenon of sixth sense exists in a form of interaction between people.

After five years of follow-up brain activity study, Trisha Stratford from the University of Technology, Sydney concluded that two people can “synchronize” the functions of their nervous system without having any visual or physical contact. She tried to explain, scientifically, what happens when two people’s brains interact.

An example of this interaction would be when two people fall in love! The connections made between two people is not just physical, nor emotional. There is a deeper connection, which allows people who are close in proximity or in relation to being able to synchronize movements, speech, and emotion. When in love, connections are much deeper than in other relationships.

Human synchronization

The research involved 30 volunteers, whose reactions were being recorded. While human responses were captured, functions of the brain synchronized.

“To use more modern terminology, we can say that their brains were chatting,” says Dr. Stratford.

”It was very exciting. Once two brains become one, a region referred to as the parietal lobe, began to show excessive activity. Once this happened, it was like “reading” another person’s mind at a deeper level or like having a sixth sense,” she adds.

During the research, electrodes were placed on the heads of volunteers to monitor brain waves in four different areas. At the same time, the heart was being monitored by electrocardiogram.

At the moment of “spiritual connection”, the electrodes that were monitoring the brain’s responses recorded an increased activity in the region considered to be responsible for imagination.

“Probably when our brain waves synchronize with someone else, in a certain degree, we can read his thoughts using the “sixth sense” in combination with what we generally call “imagination, says Dr. Stratford.

What else we gathered from the tests

The experiment also showed that most people needed time, concentration and effort to do this amazing feat of consciousness, known as harnessing the sixth sense. They needed to give the full attention to their communication partners, allowing a clear stream of connection. However, on the other hand, there were certain test subjects who managed to read their partner’s mind without any effort.

A defect which holds us back.

Research has discovered our sixth sense is controlled by a specific gene. Considering the sixth sense controls how we are aware of our bodies in space and time, neurological disorders have uncovered a defect in a certain gene. Apparently, the sixth sense is indeed controlled by a gene in our body – thus, this sense is very real.

Years from now, studies may even show other senses that we weren’t aware of, even uncharted territories of the brain which govern other aspects of the human body. Till then, we will continue to study our sixth sense, learning our limitations and gifts.

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