There are many annoying and frustrating behaviors of a snob. They are pretty easy to spot if you know the signs. So, do you have snobs in your friend group?

The behaviors of a snob are so annoying. They seem to think the world revolves around them. But we know it doesn’t.

Basically, a snob is someone who looks down on others while lifting themselves up, and they truly believe they are elite. There’s usually an element of being prideful, bragging about material possessions, and such. But there are other aspects of snobby behavior you may have looked over.

Annoying behaviors of a snob

Here’s the thing: snobby people are not generally positive about others. After all, it’s all about them. Snobs usually consider other people inferior to them, and they will only give the attention that they think you deserve… not what you need.

And, of course, they prefer to know your important connections in order to gauge the respect they should show you. But there are other annoying behaviors, so let’s get into those now.

1. They rarely approve of your choices

Snobs think their choices are the best all around. So, don’t be surprised if the snob in your circle thinks your choices are less than savory. In fact, they won’t hesitate to tell you this either.

Sometimes people like this will go out of their way to let you know they dislike things you do. And they expect you to take their advice as well. Your choices are usually bad ones in the eyes of a snob.

2. They pretend to be an expert

While there are experts in many fields of work, there are also self-purported experts that really aren’t as knowledgeable as they claim to be. For instance, just because someone likes something, or rather loves it, doesn’t mean they are an expert in that subject or pastime either.

A snob will claim to know everything about a topic. For instance, if someone you know loves a particular food, they may claim to know everything about that food, including its “factual history” and exact ingredients.

3. They aren’t really kind

Snobs aren’t usually that kind to others because inside, they are miserable. It’s one of the behaviors of a snob that’s most annoying. They secretly have low self-esteem, and because of this, they feel the need to bring others down to their level.

Here’s another interesting aspect of the snob’s personality: they sometimes ignore those they feel are beneath them.

4. They don’t support others

Snobs don’t support others in their growth and success either, as this would prove them wrong about being better than everyone else. Snobs project that they are extremely successful, so your success makes no sense to them. At least they cannot make sense of it.

When it comes to your achievements, a snob will even try to find fault in your success.

5. Snobs are insulting

If you cannot afford a certain restaurant or event, a snob will make fun of you. They want others to think they can afford luxuries, and they also want others to see that you cannot. If you aren’t wearing designer clothes, they sometimes announce this loudly in public.

Sometimes, it sounds like this:

“What brand is that? Oh, right, you can’t afford brand-name clothing. I forgot.”

Snobs embarrass you and demean you to make themselves look glamorous.

6. They post everything on social media

One of the most cringing behaviors of a snob is oversharing. Posting on social media isn’t wrong. But posting every single move you make is a little snobbish and weird.

One of the most annoying behaviors of a snob is when they make 20 or 30 posts per day about their “amazing” life. And this life, honestly, seems a little dull, honestly. So, yeah, if they’re posting every move they make, it’s probably textbook snob behavior.

7. Snobs brag about money

Another annoying behavior of snobs is the habit of bragging about money. Snobbish people often talk about how much money they have because they value materialism more than inner substance.

To them, it’s so much more important to have lots of money than good character and personality. You will notice that their character suffers due to their greed.

8. Snobs are easily offended

If you make a joke about a snobby person, even if it’s meant to be lighthearted, they get incredibly offended. They become defensive and offer information about themselves in order to quell the laughter.

Their low self-esteem cannot handle a joke at their expense, and their defensiveness goes into red alert. Notice how discombobulated they become if you joke around with them too much.

9. Certain jobs or positions are beneath them

Particular jobs or positions are never an option for a snobby person. Working in certain fields, to the snob, is considered beneath them. They always require a career that makes them appear highly successful and flawless at the same time. For instance, janitorial jobs or certain service positions are just out of the question.

10. They tend to be quite deceptive

They lie often. It’s one of the most annoying behaviors of a snob. If altering the truth in any way benefits them, they will not hesitate. And the lies aren’t always big ones.

A snob will lie about anything if they think it will elevate their image while lowering the character of another. Watch for this little irritating behavior and call it out so they understand it’s not going to work.

Do you know any snobs in your circle?

There’s always this one person in your friend group that just stands out, and not in a good way, either. Unfortunately, a snob’s desire to be noticed and loved comes with the price of alienating themselves from others, especially once good friends.

Some of the most annoying behaviors of a snob have destroyed relationships and damaged lives. So, it’s always important to pinpoint the snob in your group and protect yourself from their tactics.

I hope this helps you understand your circle of friends, loved ones, and so forth. If you recognize the snob of the group, just protect yourself from their mental attacks. Maybe, over time, the snob can recognize their toxicity and strive to become a better person. Be safe out there and always be kind.

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