For an introvert, socializing can be exhausting. But social media platforms can help us stay connected while still allowing us enough downtime.

Here are seven reasons social media platforms help introverts to stay connected and be more sociable.

1. We find interactions on social media less intimidating than face-to-face interactions

For introverts, socializing through social media platforms can be much easier than meeting people, especially people we don’t know, face to face. Large social gatherings can be overwhelming for introverts. But with social media, we can interact as much or as little as we like without leaving the comfort of home. Plus we don’t have to worry about what to wear.

2. We often prefer to communicate through writing

When we are asked a question in a social situation, introverts can sometimes feel put on the spot. That’s one reason why many introverts prefer social media. When communicating through social media platforms, we have a chance to think through what we want to say before we hit ‘send.’

We can edit our response until we are happy with it. This reduces the fear of embarrassing ourselves by saying the wrong thing. The only trouble is, it can sometimes take us a while to think up the perfect response, which can leave our friends hanging as they wait for a reply to a simple question.

3. Social media platforms allow us to communicate when we want to

Introverts usually have to be in the right mood to be sociable. Often, when the time comes for a social gathering or party, we a are not in the mood. It’s also awkward to leave a social occasion early if you have had enough or need some down time. Social media platforms allow us to choose when we communicate with others, for how long and when we leave.

It also allows introverts to have conversations with people they find difficult without being pounced on unexpectedly. No need for skulking in the bathroom to keep out of someone’s way.

4. Using social media platforms avoids awkward social situations

Introverts struggle with awkward social situations. They find it hard when the conversation dwindles and they are left standing in silence with someone they barely know searching for a graceful way to exit the situation. This doesn’t happen with social media.

When things get awkward on social media, we can just type a message to excuse ourselves. It’s also easier to deal with someone being critical or nasty on social media. You can just log out, block or unfollow them, rather than having to find a quiet place to cry at your best friends birthday party.

5. Social media allows us to keep up to date with others’ news without being actually going out

Introverts can sometimes feel like they miss out on developing relationships because they don’t like to socialize as much as others. This means they may miss events that others have attended or news that friends have shared.

Luckily, social media allows us to keep up to date with all the latest news even if we didn’t attend the event ourselves. Keeping up to date with others’ news also helps us when we do meet people face to face. When we know what’s going on in other people’s lives it makes it that much easier to start a conversation with them.

6. Social media allows us to be alone and socialize at the same time

Introverts need a lot of time alone to recharge their batteries because too much social activity drains us. Social media allows us to keep up a social life with others while still getting some much-needed downtime.

We can see what is going on in our friend’s lives, have conversations, make plans and add friends without leaving our living rooms. No one needs to know we are watching a box set while cuddling a cat and eating ice cream.

7. Social media gives us more control about how we portray ourselves

Introverts are careful about how much of themselves they share with others. We are private people and usually only share intimate details of our lives with our closest friends and family.

When an introvert is asked a question in public that they find a little too personal, it can be embarrassing. Sometimes we are not quick thinking enough to wriggle out of the situation. This means we might end up sharing more about ourselves than we are comfortable with.

When this happens on social media, it is much easier to ignore the question. We also have enough time to think of a way to change the subject. Social media also makes it that little bit easier to get out of things with a little white lie. The telltale blushes won’t give us away!

Conversely, social media also allows us to share more about ours lives if we want too. Without the pressure of face-to-face communication, we often open up more to others and feel more comfortable expressing who we really are. While introverts are sometimes shy in groups they can be much more outgoing on social media, allowing their true personalities to shine through.

Closing thoughts

In fact, socializing on social media is so easy for introverts that we often get mistaken for extroverts. When people meet us for the first time offline, they can be surprised to find out how introverted we are. Sometimes this can cause a different set of problems because people think we are two-faced, stuck up or snobby. But, hey, no one is perfect!



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    Well social media became overwhelming to the extent that I deactivated my account.

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