Being socially awkward is seen as weakness, but maybe we’re wrong about that. Maybe the lack of social finesse means something else.

Small talk has never been easy for me, in fact, I cringe when it comes to “breaking the ice”. I rather just start the conversation in the middle somewhere, between spirituality and gender equality. I believe I could have a great debate about these and many other topics.

But when it comes to acting “normal” or passing out shallow compliments, I suck. Not to mention, I don’t always match my clothing to my purse and I say strange things when I’m nervous. And let’s not forget how I laugh at inopportune times and trip over my own feet. I am socially awkward, and that can have negative aspects, but it can also be a super power, from other perspectives.

The powers of being socially awkward are permanent qualities.

There is a superpower, and it’s called being socially awkward. I’m serious, no longer will you call this term by the negative connotation and it’s association. You will now see the positive qualities of these terms. In fact, there are 7 reasons why being socially awkward is a good thing!

Awkward people are determined

When it comes to building something, taking it apart or simply striving to understand its mechanisms, the awkward person will not give up. They are determined to understand how something works and the true meaning behind general operations. Many awkward people are almost geniuses when it comes to mathematical calculations (I’m not that one, by the way), and they can also spend hours, even days, trying to understand statements.

This can also turn into a problem, as many socially awkward people, unfortunately,  have anxiety or other mental illnesses. But, if there is ample focus paired with discipline, awkward people can excel above the rest in this area. It is definitely a super power!

Awkward people have above average friendships

Since awkward people have such a hard time making friends, you would think the friends they have would be few and of lesser quality. To the contrary, an awkward person has the best quality friends due to the fact that these people see beyond the social failings of the “strange” person. Friends such as this will be true friends with a loyalty beyond what most people are used to. Friendships will be way above average for the socially awkward individual because friendships will be real and long-lasting.

An ability to roll with the punches

Those who are socially awkward have a better ability to bounce back after bad things happen. This is because these individuals are used to being in negative situations due to their lack of social skills. Almost every day, for the socially awkward, is a struggle, so when harsh things happen, they can handle it nicely.

For those who are not socially awkward, bad days are sometimes unbearable. They are used to things going their way, so negative circumstances are extremely hard to overcome for the average person. Social butterflies sometimes even collapse at the sight of anything which disturbs the tranquility of their “normality”.

The socially awkward people get the awesome jobs!

Considering the uncomfortable situations that these people endure, the awkward are prepared for what it takes when acquiring difficult jobs. They are already aware that life is not perfect, and with this knowledge, they can aspire to greatness. They figure the awkwardness of finding and keeping a difficult job can be no worse than dealing with the social imperfections in other areas of life.

Sales, television, and jobs in other social arenas will seem like child’s play after the socially awkward individual endures years of school, training and other job experiences. It’s as if life is training each one of them in the most difficult way possible.

Awkward people see things differently

The way that society, as a whole, sees things is quite different with the awkward individual. Their perspective is from an entirely opposite angle many times, and they have the ability to notice details that are otherwise missed. They see the whole picture as well, learning what really matters in serious situations.

The ‘normal’ image of life is odd to the awkward person. Rather, they use an “abnormal” view to make decisions, create solutions and take actions that reflect these thoughts. When you see an awkward person doing something that seems strange, have patience, they are probably making a bold and powerful move.

They appreciate simple things.

Awkward people feel no pressure to be social and included in social events, it’s just how their personality works. They don’t panic when it comes to getting attention from other people and they don’t desire to be in the spotlight. Socially awkward people are more than happy to live a quiet life, filled with movies, books and other “geeky” things.

Although some socially awkward people keep trying to fit in, many decide it’s not worth the stress. And that’s just it, those who are awkward are smart enough to know that stressing out over the lack of numerous friends and acquaintances is just plain ridiculous.

They are empathic superheroes, actually…

The socially awkward understand what it feels like to be criticized and laughed at, and this is why they can relate. They also have a heightened ability to feel deeply, which gives them an increase in empathy. Since awkward people are empathic, this gives them the power to understand and help others who suffer as they do, and this is definitely something to brag about.

I am proud to be socially awkward

Being socially awkward is not a weakness, as you can see, it’s a super power indeed! Although we may fall on our face and forget our own name, we have gifts that surpass the ordinary. So be kind when you meet an awkward person.  Let’s learn to appreciate everyone for their differences, after all, we aren’t copies.

We are unique and beautiful individuals!

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