You may be surprised to learn that solar storms can affect your emotional health and consciousness. However, scientific studies confirm the link between solar activity and our physical and emotional wellbeing.

A solar storm or eruption is a massive explosion in the Sun’s atmosphere, which can release even more than 6 × 1025 J of energy. The term is also used to describe similar phenomena from other stars. Solar storms affect all layers of the solar atmosphere (photosphere, crown and chromosphere), warming the plasma with tens of millions of Celsius degrees and accelerating electrons, protons, and heavy ions close to the speed of light.

Solar Storms and Their Effects on Our Emotions & Body

According to a study published in Astrobiology, there would be a direct connection between solar storms and our biological functions. Animals and humans have a magnetic field that surrounds them, in the same way as Earth’s magnetic field protects the planet. From 1948 to 1997, the Institute of North Industrial Ecology Problems in Russia found that geomagnetic activity shows three seasonal peaks.

Each peak corresponds to a higher incidence of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and other emotional disorders. The electromagnetic activity of the sun affects our electronic devices and the human electromagnetic field. Thus, we are physically, mentally and emotionally altered by the electromagnetic charges of the sun, and our body can experience various emotions and changes.

From a physiological point of view, the effects of CMEs (coronal mass explosions) are usually of short duration and they may be headaches, palpitations, mood swings, fatigue and general malaise. Furthermore, the pineal gland in our brain is also influenced by the electromagnetic activity, which causes a production of excess melatonin, a hormone that can cause drowsiness.

However, we may also begin to experience bizarre physical sensations, as if there were distortions of energy flow inside the body. Hot and cold sensations, sensations of “electricity” and extreme environmental sensitivity. Inner states can be in rapid resonance with the states of the people around as we are energetically open.

But the solar storms and photon waves do not only have an impact on our moods and body as they can also have a profound influence on our consciousness, bringing out and healing our hidden emotions.

How Do Solar Storms Affect Our Consciousness?

Our body has an emotional response to almost anything. Thus, every emotional reaction is our body’s response to the waves of energy. Sometimes these emotions may appear all of a sudden without a clear reason and this may indicate that the time has come to face them.

It is commonly known that hidden emotions put much stress on our internal systems and it is a tremendous burden to go through life with an immense emotional baggage. It can lead to addiction, health problems, depression and unhealthy relationships.

The role of the photonic energy is to connect us to our deepest wounds, repressed emotions and desires we have ignored. It forces us to make drastic changes and exit the cycle in which we have indulged.

The Symptoms of Awakening

The first symptom of this awakening is an unexplained sensation of restlessness. Most people find themselves dealing with an emotional pressure they cannot understand, making them feel unease:

“What’s going on with me lately? What’s going on with my life? What is this strange sensation that I feel inside, that seems to grow stronger and stranger day after day? What is this trembling in my heart, this cry that is going to break out at any moment, this extreme sensitivity?”

When this occurs, it is worth taking a small break, breathe deeply and look for a moment inside of you, feel the inner space for a moment. If there is an undefined emotion, a warmth, a heartbeat, then you know that you are not about to lose your mind. You do not need a psychiatrist or medication, you need nothing but trust in yourself and in what is going on there.

Many people pass through the same challenge and experience these unusual states of consciousness. This is an enormous transformation of your consciousness, which, from the perspective of the mind, looks like a crisis.

Going through the Crisis

Yes, it is a crisis, but it is a crisis of profound transformation of who you are, is a spiritual crisis. We discover slowly, sometimes in a painful way, our true dimensions and our true nature.

This change does not happen only at a mental/emotional level, but also in our personal lives. There will be many disruptions and changes, feeling that everything around us is about to crash: career, relationships with others, family life, friends. It seems that a world is preparing to disappear to make room for a new one and this is true.

Our old life dissolves because the old version of us dissolves. This is not a metaphor but a very tough truth at times. Many of us will change our job, friends, city or country where we live in. It could be said that we give up on our old personality and life to move into a new dimension.

Do not be frightened by the change, and instead, try to understand what changes you must make.

If you have already experienced this phenomenon and stage, please share with us your story and tell us the difference between the old and the new you.



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