If, in passing, you are faced with the light conversation of the horrors of science, you aren’t that shaken.

There is a sector where the boundaries of sanity are blurred, and horrors are done in the name of research, or so proclaimed. Yes, science is the craft, while death, mutilation and dissection are the tools in which to practice this craft.

Our lives are very secure, but the horrors of science make us question ourselves. Are these atrocities necessary for science? Some think these questionable practices are necessary while others consider these acts to be monstrous!

Science can most definitely be disturbing, experiments can make you cringe with their grotesque details of severed heads and electrified corpses.

There are many scientists, mad and sane who have created atrocities and manipulated minds beyond measure. Some of the atrocities will be remembered for all time. Some of these scariest experiments have changed the world dramatically.

The two Frankensteins

Giovanni Aldini and Luigi Galvani loved to play with electricity and dead bodies. From 1780 until the early 1800s, these physicists experimented with frogs and even human specimens. They hooked wires to various areas of the body and watched as the muscles twitched and danced with seemingly new life.

The pair finally experimented on the corpse of executed murderer, George Forster. When parts of Forster’s body began to twitch and jerk in public display, someone actually died from shock.

The Soul Man

In the early 1700s, Johann Konrad Dippel discovered Prussian blue, but that is not controversial at all. Dippel wanted a larger name for himself, being the alchemist and all that he went about trying to conduct soul transplants.

Through various experimentation with animals and human subjects alike, he used a funnel to guide the soul from one body to the other. Townspeople called him preposterous and ran him out of town when they suspected the farce.

During his work, he robbed graves and boiled the bones of more than a few dead specimens. Dippel also created an oil, named affectionately, “Dippel’s Oil”.  Both oil and the dye Prussian blue came from the bones of the dead.

For science, the discovery of Prussian blue proved to be very helpful in Pathology and medicine. It seems that Dippel did well! Unfortunately, he was still unable to catch that elusive thing called the soul.

Selective Science

Between the years of 1933 and 1945, science ran rampant in a secret sub-camp in Nazi Germany. These were not just madmen set about on a crazed and delusional quest to rip bodies to shreds. The culprits here were surgeons and physicians led by the instruction of Dr. Josef MengeleThe Angel of Death”.

Mengele was practically obsessed with twins, they were his favorite test subjects. It is documented that Dr. Josef Mengele experimented on at least 1500 pairs of twin Jewish children, sewing them together to form Siamese sisters, injecting live diseases into their small bodies and even randomly amputating their limbs. His reasoning included the fact that he wished to see the effects of one twin on the other, the differences, the similarities and the reactions from each participant.

Other atrocities included organ transplants without anesthesia, vivisection and also slowly administered head wounds. Dr. Josef Mengele was definitely seen as a Nazi monster, feared even more than the “Wolf” himself.

Only a portion

These experiments may seem horrific and may even make you think twice about science and its motives. There are many other examples of the untamed sectored of science, including transplants of animal parts, mind manipulation in the spiritual sense, also in the name of science, and slow and torturous tests that make your skin crawl.

It may astound you to hear these things, but science in its darkest form has been the cause for many modern-day miracles. Dissecting live animals and other atrocities were the building blocks of modern organ transplants. It is obvious that without the horrific experimentation, we may not know what we know today…and many would have never survived without the proceeds of these monstrous acts.

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