In many belief systems, we are not human beings having spiritual experiences, but rather spiritual beings having human experiences. Before beginning our human lives, our souls created arrangements with other spiritual beings. This is to help us reach higher cognisance on the earthly plane. These are called Soul Contracts, or Soul Arrangements.

What Are Soul Contracts?

As we journey on in our life paths, particular people and relationships impact us more deeply than others. There are people we connect with on an impossibly deep level. The relationships that show us new sides of ourselves. Certain people challenge us to adapt to unique circumstances. As well as relationships that force us to re-evaluate our behaviours.

These people and relationships profoundly transform us. They raise our awareness and consciousness, bringing us closer to Unconditional Love and Light. They are the people, the souls, which we chose to enter into a relationship with before we were even born. These are the souls we opened a Soul Contract with.

The Purpose of Soul Contracts

The purpose of Soul Contracts is to help us achieve our Destiny. Our destiny is to experience the Unconditional Love of the Universe. Therefore, through our contracts, we are pre-destined to meet certain people. We engage in individual connections, whether they be family, friends, colleagues or lovers.

Each relationship functions as a lesson. As a result, we are moving closer to Love and Light. Actually, every one of them was chosen by our soul in a pre-incarnation agreement.

Although this may be true, predestination doesn’t prohibit free will. In fact, the power to choose is an essential condition of the human experience. We always have the option of whether or not to engage with these lessons.

However, will we notice relationships that unfold in the same way or failing to elevate us? Do we try to see the lessons in them and move forward? Or do we choose to repeat the same cycles endlessly?

Who do we enter into soul contracts with?

Soulmates, or twin flames, are a crucial part of the Soul Contract system. They usually exist in the context of romantic or sexual love.

Consequently, this relationship exceeds most others in terms of intimacy and depth of connection. These are often the most challenging and powerful contracts we make with other souls. This is due to the intense exchange of energies that takes place.

Whether Soulmate relationships are short- or long-term, we gain something from them. As a result, we can reach a higher level of sentience. In addition, we evolve with new perspectives on ourselves and the world.

The Soul Contracts we make outside of romantic or sexual relationships are no less significant or essential. In fact, these are often the longest lasting and most impactful contracts we open. Usually, you have a Soul Contract with your close family members and intense or long-term friends.

The Function of a Soul Contract

Their function is to challenge our preconceptions. To make us work through hardships and trials within the perspective of Love. When we fail to see the purpose of the relationship and don’t work from Love, we will repeat negative associations until the lessons become clear to us.

If we have a negative relationship with a family member or were hurt by a close friend, it can be challenging to accept that our soul entered into a contract with them. Especially if relationships have been abusive or extreme. But our soul’s purpose is always to further our spiritual growth.

You will have gained something in the process of the relationship. Hopefully, an understanding of your strength and perseverance. Not to mention, your worth and value. But also your triggers and reactions, of your cyclical behaviours and thought patterns.

This will prevent you from entering into similar relationships again. As such, it will leave you strengthened. In the long term, you will be ready for positive associations that will elevate you.

The Soul Family

Often we have a Soul Family, a group of souls which we repeatedly re-incarnate with and enter into contracts with. These might be the people you feel you’ve known forever even though you’ve only met them once. They can be family members you feel especially close to or friends that fit like a glove.

Know that each of you is working for the betterment of the others. So you are all helping each other reach a higher level of consciousness and experience the Unconditional Love of the Universe.

Soul Contracts can bring healing, Enlightenment and Unconditional Love if we are willing to listen and learn. Still, it’s essential to have compassion for ourselves in those times that we weren’t in the space to receive the lessons. We are there now, and our Soul knows what we need.

How does all this impact my relationships?

Soul Contracts are entered into in the hope of connecting you with the Divine. This means every relationship has the potential to literally be life-changing. That’s if we can experience it within the perspective of Love.

What does this mean for those relationships? Every Soul Contract, even the ones which seem negative or harmful on the surface, is an opportunity to learn. We see how we better engage with ourselves and others.

Every relationship, therefore, becomes meaningful. Each and every one of them has the potential to be a transformative learning experience.

Final Thoughts

Enter into existing or new relationships with this knowledge in mind. Understand that everything about that relationship is really working for your spiritual betterment. If you can identify how you are one step closer to Enlightenment.



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  1. Lesley

    This belief system sounds nice and I think there is some truth to it but it also has major problems. Imagine for a moment that you are a person who was severely abused while growing up. Maybe on top of that your father or step father raped you repeatedly starting at say age 7. Not me, just an example. Then you read this article. How would that make you feel to be told that in the after life you chose these circumstances for your life. Beyond awful. The problem with this belief system is that it has a dark side. Deep down it is victim blaming/shaming that we cause everything that happens to us. Therefore one can just put on their rosy coloured glasses and remain aloof about those suffering in the world because they chose their lives to be like this for their ‘growth of consciousness’.

    1. EileenOR

      I could not agree more, Leslie,. I am a writer but could not have said it better, so I won’t! Blessings to you!

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