What Is a Soul Friend?

We often think of a soul connection as being limited to romantic relationships, but this isn’t the case. Far from it in fact. A soul connection can be formed with a friend just as easily. A soul connection is a bond that is so deep and significant that it feels like it has been given to you by something greater than yourself.

A soul friend is someone you have a soul connection with, often one that runs so deep that you feel your souls must be entwined in some way. This connection is always effortless and life-affirming. It feels like it was meant to be and always has been.

Signs You Have Met Your Soul Friend

1. Your Connection Was Instant

When you have a soul friend, you likely don’t remember the “getting to know each other” stage, if you even had one at all. When you have a natural connection as undeniable as a soul connection, your friendship begins in the deep end.

There are no awkward first few interactions, just immediate depth. You probably skipped all small talk when you first met, opting instead for meaningful conversations that bare your soul. You might have even felt as though you had met before, in a past life.

2. You Have a Deep Understanding Of Each Other

Soul friends often feel like kindred spirits, like one soul split into two. For this reason, you’re understanding of each other runs deep. You never need to explain yourselves to each other, either in your thinking or your actions.

You just get each other. When a soul friend understands and accepts you no matter what, you feel safe and comfortable enough to be completely yourself at all times.

3. Time and Distance Doesn’t Matter

A soul friendship is one that spans miles across the globe and decades of absence if it has to. If you’re lucky enough to be near your soul friend at all times, hold onto them tightly. For most people, our lives get busy, or perhaps we’re forced to move away for a while, and our friendships are put on hold.

When you have a soul friend, no amount of time or distance can influence the strength of your friendship. Even after a long time apart, you find yourself able to pick up exactly where you left off. Your connection doesn’t require constant upkeep, it is long-serving and unwavering.

4. Your Friendship Began at Just the Right Time

A soul connection, particularly one with a soul friend, often feels like it has arrived in your life at just the right moment. Some believe a soul connection is intended for you by the universe at exactly the moment you need it the most.

This could be during hard times when you need someone to lean on, or during good times when you’re in need of someone to share it with. Sometimes, a soul friend is there to guide you to a new path or new chapter that you didn’t know was waiting for you.

The arrival of a soul friend often brings growth and lessons you would never have learned otherwise.

5. You Give Each Other Unconditional Support

You’ll know that you’ve met a soul friend when you are unconditionally supportive of each other, and there is no one else you would rather turn to.

There is nothing too big or too small for a soul friendship. You will look out for each other no matter what, and always prioritise each other. You’ll find that there is no time or place that is too inconvenient for you if your friend is in need.

You’ll be willing to drop whatever you’re doing to be by their side, and they would do the same for you, because if one of you is suffering, then both of you are. Your deep understanding of each other means you’re never judging the other’s choices or feelings, only ever supporting.

6. You Make Each Other Better People

A soul friend is not only fun to be around, but they’re also great for your personal growth too. Having someone around you who is so in tune with your mind helps you to better understand yourself – after all, an outsider’s perspective is vital sometimes.

Just having them nearby can be calming and encouraging, often helping you to thrive without even trying. They encourage you when you’re struggling and cheer you on when you’re on the right path. They will also know when you’re making some bad moves and can pull you up on them in a way that no one else can.

When they have to critique you or point out when you’re doing something you shouldn’t be, their words are respectful and kind, not harsh. Advice from a soul friend is never judgemental, they only have your best interests at heart.

7. Your Friendship Is Very Healthy

Some friendships can be volatile, fights are frequent and rude with the aim of hurting each other. With a soul friend, fights are few and far between. In fact, they can’t even be called fights. They’re disagreements at best. These troublesome times are resolved easily with clear, kind communication and are always respectful.

You feel comfortable being open and honest about your feelings, instead of keeping your thoughts to yourself for fear of them being thrown back in your face. You aren’t out to hurt each other, only to help the other see your point of view.

Fortunately, given how deeply you understand each other, this isn’t hard to do. In these disagreements, your point of view always feels heard and respected, you don’t have to shout or force your opinions on each other. Your boundaries are always respected.

8. You Feel Like You “Speak the Same Language”

A soul friend is someone who knows and understands you inside and out, and you know them in the same way. This can make it feel like you speak the same language, internally.

You don’t need to explain your thought process or why you feel certain ways, your soul friend just gets it. You might even find yourselves finishing each other’s sentences because you’re always on exactly the same page.

9. You Share Similar Life Experiences

You might find that you and your soul friend have had similar experiences throughout your lives, and these experiences will help to bond you. You and your soul friend might find that your early lives share similar themes, either in trauma or success.

You may have both experienced hardship in your childhoods, such as loss, family trouble, or school bullies, for example. You may have both been gifted as children, been in the same position among many siblings or both children of divorce.

Whatever your stories are, you are likely to find that they are so similar there has to be a larger force at work that brought you together.

If you are lucky enough to have met a soul friend, hold on to them tightly. They are with you for a reason. Your lives have intertwined for the better, and hopefully, it will be clear to you why. Perhaps they are there to set you on a new path or show you support during a time of hardship you didn’t even know you were having.

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