Two friends invite each and every one of us to join them on their soul-searching quest, which will change your vision of the world.

At first, Marc and Nathanael were just two friends who felt the call of the road, searching for true happiness and the meaning of life.

They began their soul-searching journey with a tiny camera and microphone, interviewing people along the way to show to their friends back home.

Never could they have imagined that their footage would become a full-length feature film to be released in cinemas… or that this whole adventure would change their lives.

A Shift to Share with the World

Marc and Nathanael, two childhood friends, live totally different lives: Nathanael makes environmental documentaries whereas Marc works for a global corporation exporting water in New York. Nathanael goes to visit Marc in NY and, just before leaving, leaves him a bunch of documentaries on globalization, which Marc ends up watching while stuck in bed with a sprained ankle.

After watching all those films, Marc’s conscience begins to nag as he starts to realize that he is actually a part of the problem. He decides to quit his job and goes to join Nathanael in India. That is where they will begin their epic soul-searching journey, in an attempt to discover the causes of the world’s current crises and a way to bring about a change.

Along the way, they will meet with some of the greatest thinkers of our time, including philosophers, teachers, environmentalists, and spiritual leaders from the ancient cultures

In sharing their film with the public, Marc and Nathanael invite each and every one of us to join them on their soul-searching quest, as they call into question our vision of the world.

A Community Adventure

After returning home from their trip, while looking through the footage, they realized how incredible the stories they’d gathered were and decided that they just had to share them with the world.  One small problem: they had run out of money! So they decided to open a crowdfunding campaign and within just a few weeks, they managed to raise the sum of 40,000 euros.

With the help of dozens of musicians, translators, technicians, graphic artists, and other volunteers who very graciously offered their help, Marc and Nathanael were able to complete the project and create a high-quality, professional-level film.

Next came the film’s distribution, which they were able to fund entirely by donation and with the help of thousands of individuals and organizations fully invested in spreading the film’s message. Their poignant and authentic story touched more than 250 000 spectators and was shown in movie theaters across France, Belgium, Switzerland and Quebec for over a year.

Marc and Nathanael have gained a huge number of friends and supporters along the way, including Academy Award-winning actress and environmental activist Marion Cotillard, who is now one of their main supporters.

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