How Learning to Speak Spanish Can Boost Your Brain Power at Any Age

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According to science, learning to speak Spanish will help you to improve your brain function.

Most people set out to learn a new language because it will enhance their career or they want to visit a foreign country. While these are the primary reasons there is one benefit that is often ignored. Learning Spanish can actually help improve brain function. This revelation comes after extensive research and studies. If you are interested in improving your brain function, you should definitely join a language class. The age genuinely does not matter because the study showed that brain function had improved in young children and teenagers.

The Study

Dr. Thomas Bak led the study and it was published in the Journal Frontiers in Psychology. Bak is a lecturer at Edinburgh’s School of Philosophy, and Psychology and Language Sciences. The study did not involve the middle age group mark, so the effects of learning a new language are not clear. Of course, Bak said that he had plans in place to focus on more studies, involving the middle age group to retirement age. There is a lot of to learn about the brain, but this new revelation is astonishing.

Another study that involved brain research focused on Indians, who spoke one or more languages. It appears in this study that Indians, who learn more than one language during their youth developed dementia four years later. This revelation is astonishing, especially when it is compared to those that only spoke one language. So, Bak set out to do his own investigation and that he did.

Bak’s new study involved bilingual young adults, focusing mainly on their performance and how they ignore irrelevant stimuli.

Staying Mentally Active

It is possible for mental decline to impact you at any age. However, it is believed that remaining mentally active can offset mental decline to some degree. Keeping your brain active can help to increase vitality, while also potentially promoting the growth of brain cells. Believe it or not, those with lower levels of education will be much more likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s. There are numerous ways to keep your mind active. Reading, gardening, playing games, and learning to speak Spanish will all help! Just remember that it is not necessary to take dramatic changes. Instead, you should just work on each activity a little every day, so your brain never rests for too long.

Improves Listening Skills

Another way learning a new language will help your brain is by improving your listening abilities. It is widely believed that being bilingual helps to improve listening skills. This is true because the brain is required to work a little bit harder to differentiate between two or more languages. This can also lead to increased language sensitivity. By learning a second language, your brain will find it much easier to pick up the differences between other languages. For instance, if you know English and French, you’ll be able to tell the difference between Catalan and Spanish much easier.

Growing The Brain

By learning a new language, it is possible to grow the language centers of the brain. The thickness of the cortical will grow after studying a second language intensely. The hippocampal volumes will also increase. This will help protect the brain from physical damage and mental disease.

After reading this information, what are you waiting for? Learn to speak Spanish!

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How Learning to Speak Spanish Can Boost Your Brain Power at Any Age