As a spiritual empath, you may be distressed by the troubles of the modern world. However, it is possible to find the love and community you long for.

Spiritual empaths need to protect themselves from the negativity around them because they are easily overwhelmed. However, distancing ourselves from the reality of the modern world can make an empath feel even more unhappy and disconnected.

The struggle of the spiritual empath

Spiritual Empaths often struggle in a world where they feel they don’t fit in. They feel the pain and suffering of the planet and don’t understand why nothing is being done about it. This can make the empath want to withdraw from the modern world to avoid stimulating their spiritual empathy.

Withdrawing from the world might be useful at times to help us remain stable. However, it can leave us feeling guilty for not doing more to try to create the world we dream of. We need to balance our self-protection and our activity in the world.

Finding balance in the modern world

As a spiritual empath, it is essential to limit your exposure to negative influences such as dramatic news stories and people who spout anger and hate. We also need to avoid exposure to advertising, which plays on society’s fears in order to encourage people to spend. However, we also need to stay in contact with this world and not just bury our heads in the sand.

Spiritual empaths are easily overwhelmed by the suffering in the world and can feel hopeless and helpless in the face of all that needs to be done. This can make us feel sad, depressed and anxious to the point where we are no help to anyone including ourselves.

Finding purpose in the modern world

One way to find a balance and purpose is to realize that, while we can’t solve the world’s problems, we can make a difference. We can choose a path of healing for our world and ourselves. While we can’t give all the money and time we would like, we can choose a cause to support with our precious time and our limited resources.

When we focus on what we can do, and remind ourselves of the good we have achieved, this can lift the sadness and grief and help us to feel more positive in the face of the world’s problems. Even the smallest act of love and kindness can have a ripple effect on the people around us. In fact, we never know when a simple kind word or deed might change another person’s life.

Looking for the good in the world

While it is impossible to ignore the disharmony in the world, we can also consciously choose to look for the good. It helps to avoid media sources that stir up anger and hatred and focus on those that promote peace, understanding, and kindness instead. We can scroll past the negative news stories and focus on those that tell positive stories of humanity. By stopping to linger on the stories of people being kind and helpful we can uplift ourselves.

We can also look for the good in the physical world around us. We can focus on the beauty instead of the ugliness. When we stop to think about the wonder of being alive in the world in human form, we can begin to appreciate the journey we are undertaking.

Why spiritual empaths are so important in the modern world

The wisdom of the spiritual empath is sorely needed in the world at the present time. We have come a long way against discrimination, oppression and exploitation. However, there is still such a long way to go. It sometimes feels like, as a society, we take one step forwards and then two steps back.

It is the wisdom of those that feel for others and who want to promote peace and love that will overcome the voices of separation and hate. Our voices need to be heard. We can’t all have our say in the media or politics. But we can influence those around us to look for the beauty and love in all things.

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  1. Katie

    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom. I really needed to hear them at this point in my life. Keep spreading kindness. It made a difference for me today.

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