We all crave true happiness. What more could we want from life than to feel completely at peace and content with ourselves and our lives? This type of happiness is often called spiritual happiness.

What Is Spiritual Happiness?

At its core, spiritual happiness is based on internal forces. In order to be spiritually happy, you don’t need to wait to achieve your life goals. You don’t need to be rich or in love or healed from your past traumas. This type of happiness can be yours regardless of your history.

When you are spiritually happy, you are able to see the world through realistic eyes and still feel happy from within. This is because the foundation of your happiness isn’t circumstantial. This kind of happiness goes with you wherever you go and is unchanged by the world around you.

Spiritual happiness accompanies a sense of hopefulness that doesn’t fade. Instead of letting negative experiences create a negative mindset, you remain positive and optimistic that good times will return. This type of deep happiness gives you a feeling of completeness from within. This means that you are secure enough within yourself to not rely on anyone or anything to create your happiness.

Being spiritually happy doesn’t mean always feeling your best. To be spiritually happy, you don’t have to be stuck in a smile or never feel down. This kind of happiness means being able to maintain a stable calm surface no matter what’s occurring underneath.

Signs of Spiritual Happiness

There are a variety of signs you can search for within yourself if you aren’t sure if what you’re experiencing could be spiritual happiness.

1. Enjoy Being Yourself

Flip the saying “treat others as you wish to be treated” on its head. Does it make sense to you? Instead of treating others the way you would like to be treated yourself, try treating yourself the way you treat others. Chances are, you don’t judge other people nearly as harshly as you do yourself.

People who have spiritual happiness are totally comfortable within themselves. They aren’t looking to force themselves to improve in ways that aren’t natural to them. Instead of counting their flaws, spiritually happy people count their blessings.

For example, having legs to walk on, lungs to breathe with, eyes to see with, and hands to create with. If these things are prioritized over trivial things such as your appearance, intelligence, or talents, then you edge much closer to deep happiness like spiritual happiness.

2. Know Yourself

Spiritual happiness means accepting yourself for who you are inside. This will require getting to know yourself completely. Sometimes, we avoid digging this deep within ourselves to avoid the discomfort, but avoidance will never lead to total happiness. Knowing yourself means never relying on anyone else for validation or compliments.

Anyone who is spiritually happy will understand their own strengths and weaknesses and how to harness them. Instead of being disappointed by acknowledging their shortcomings, these people accept them as just part of being a human. They’re able to play to their strengths because they’ve taken time to get to know themselves, and this allows them to thrive beyond what most people could achieve.

3. Find Happiness in Hardship

Being spiritually happy doesn’t require you to be ignorant of the tragedies in the world, nor does it mean you never face hardship in your private life. Spiritual happiness means you are able to be mentally stable and optimistic during difficult times.

The ability to see that hard moments can still bring you blessings is a strength we could all benefit from. The spiritual kind of happiness is almost impossible to shake. This is because of the gift that is seeing the light during dark times. You can’t take away the happiness that doesn’t rely only on good times.

4. Always Grateful

We’re naturally inclined to compare our lives to others. We spend so much time looking at who has “the best”, “the most”, or “the easiest” that we rarely take time to be grateful for our own lives. Having spiritual happiness goes hand in hand with being grateful. This extends beyond material possessions too.

Spiritually happy people are grateful for more than the home they live in and the items they have collected. They are grateful for nature, for opportunities to learn and the smallest moments of joy, for example. If you are always grateful for the world around you and not just what you “have”, then it can never be taken away from you. That kind of gratitude brings a strong sense of spiritual happiness that cannot be disrupted.

5. Always Optimistic

Spiritually happy people are always optimistic about the future, even if they have no reason to be. They don’t require evidence to base their optimism on. Spiritual happiness means believing that good things will happen, simply because there’s no benefit to believing otherwise.

Believing that good things can and will come your way is enough to make any person happy, and if you take it on board deep enough, this will become a deep type of happiness.

Striving to be a spiritually happy person in a turbulent world may seem difficult, but with a few small changes to your mindset, it is possible. If you allow yourself to be open to positivity at all times, you could become happy in a way that cannot be taken away from you. Nothing is difficult enough to override spiritual happiness because it is grounded in the ability to be positive through it all.

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