Professor of astronomy and mathematics Bernard Carr believes that many of the spiritual phenomena that can be observed but cannot be explained using the terms of the physical laws of our dimension might occur in other dimensions.

Albert Einstein claimed that there are at least four dimensions, and the 4th one is time or space-time, as he argued that space and time cannot be divided. In modern physics, there are many supporters of the theories about the existence of 11 or more dimensions.

Carr says that our consciousness interacts with other dimensions. In addition, the multidimensional universe, as he imagines it, has a hierarchical structure. And we are at the lowest level of it…

The model explains the well-known philosophical problem of the relation between matter and thought, explains the nature of time and could be used as an ontological basis for the interpretation of metaphysical, unexplained, and spiritual phenomena such as ghosts, out-of-body experiences, dreams, and astral travelling“, he writes.

Spiritual phenomena, dreams, and dimensions

Carr concludes that our physical senses show us only a 3-dimensional universe, although, in reality, it has at least four dimensions. Entities that exist in the higher dimensions are simply imperceptible to human physical senses.

The only non-physical beings, of which we have some idea, are mental, and the existence of supernatural phenomena suggests that these entities must exist in a certain space,” writes Carr.

The space of another dimension which we visit in our dreams intersects with space where our memory lives. Carr says that if spiritual phenomena like telepathy and clairvoyance exist, it could indicate that there is a collective mental space.

Carr also bases his views on previous hypotheses, including the Kaluza-Klein theory, which combines the fundamental forces of gravity and electromagnetism and also assumes a 5- dimensional space.

At the same time, the so-called “M-theory” suggests that there are 11 dimensions, and the superstring theory refers to the existence of 10 dimensions. Carr thinks that there is a 4-dimensional “external” space, which means the four dimensions according to Einstein, and a 6 or 7-dimensional “internal” space, which means that these dimensions are associated with psychics and other spiritual phenomena.


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