He may have been a genius, but have his theories met their expiration date? Some scientists believe this to be true, according to recent facts. Experiments implementing homodyne measurements shed light on the “unbelief” of what Albert Einstein held as truth.

Albert Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance” was examined in a recent experiment at the Griffith University’s Centre for Quantum Dynamics (CQD). This experiment was conducted with only one particle with the focus collapse of the wave function.

CQD director professor Howard Wiseman together with experimental scientists from the University of Tokyo collaborated on a report debunking Einstein’s idea. Published in Nature Communications, this paper credited, as truth, wave function in a particle’s non-local collapse.

In order to re-establish the belief that wave function collapse was a real occurrence, scientists used homodyne detectors-homodyne measurements which went against Einstein’s beliefs.

This experiment was completed by splitting two photons between laboratories.

Almost a century later, ideas were shifted. The collapse of the wave function is the strongest proof of single particle entanglement or quantum entanglement. Entanglement, it may seem, is explored for communication and computation.

A wave function, which spreads over vast distances, cannot be detected in multiple places. According to quantum mechanics, this function is a single particle.

In 1927, Einstein didn’t believe it, but Quantum Theory explained the phenomenon of “spooky action at a distance”.  He never accepted the popular belief of quantum mechanics, especially the single-particle view.

Professor Wiseman said:

Einstein’s belief is why scientists show wave function collapse existing within a single particle. Einstein believed that a particle could only be at one point-ever. Of course, this was the case if it did not cause instant collapse of wave function at the other points.”

“We don’t have to detect whether or not the particle exists. With different measures, we can see the particle in many ways. Einstein was wrong! Using homodyne measurements allows one party to measure while the other, using quantum tomography, can test the effects.

This dispels Einstein’s theory and provides useful information to more forward thinking.

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