Star children are children that come into this world seemingly wise beyond their years.

They are full of compassion for all entities in the world and may have a particular connection with animals, plants, and Mother Nature. According to New Age spirituality, these children do all that they can to bring the energy of peace and love to the world.

New Age practitioners say there are 4 ways to recognize if you are blessed to know a star child.

1. They are compassionate

Star children are said to be full of empathy and compassion for others. They intuitively understand when another person is sad or upset and, despite their tender years, always know the right thing to say to ease the sadness of others. They are also loving and affectionate to everyone.

Star children understand that we are all connected and see no boundaries to this love. They will comfort strangers if they see a need. They will also show love and compassion to all living and non-living creatures from the smallest insect to the largest ocean creatures and often to trees and landscapes, too.

Star children do not value one form of life over another, as they understand the interconnectedness of all things. Issues such as pollution and inequality upset star children because they understand they have such compassion for all of creation.

2. They are generous

Star children will happily give away their possessions. They do this for three reasons. Firstly, material things do not particularly interest them. Secondly, they love to make others happy. And thirdly, they know that, as all things are connected, the world and everything in it belongs to everyone.

When asked what they would like as a gift, star children may request things for others less fortunate than themselves. A young relative of mine once cut herself and needed stitches at the hospital. After the visit, her mother asked what she wanted as a reward for being so brave.

The sweet child requested a tin of cat food. When her mother asked why on earth she would choose such a thing, she explained that she had recently made friends with a stray cat and wanted to feed it.

Star children are rarely competitive and prefer to work with others for the good of all. If they do win a prize, they will give it away rather than be the cause of another’s unhappiness.

3. They remember before they were born

Many star children talk about memories they have from before they were born. Often, star children have ‘imaginary’ friends who offer them comfort and reassurance and who they regularly talk to when they are alone. According to New Age beliefs, these imaginary friends may actually be spirit beings who the child recognizes because they have not lost touch with the spiritual realm.

It is said that star children may also remember their past lives. A friend of mine has a son who often says to his parents,

Do you remember when we did such and such?

When the parents admit they don’t remember, the little boy replies,

Oh, no, that’s right, I didn’t do that with you, I did it with my last mummy and daddy.’

4. They are wise

Star children are believed to think differently to others. They ask the big questions, such as ‘who are we?’ and ‘what are we here for?’ from a very early age. Because they connect at such a wise level, they often enjoy relationships with people much older than they are.

According to New Age beliefs, star children have been coming to earth for some years now in greater and greater numbers. Some of the earliest arrivals may not be children anymore but teenagers, men and women in mid-life, and even occasionally much older people.

Whether you believe in New Age concepts or not, it seems that these special people offer us hope that life on earth will be guided by their compassion and love.

Star individuals are believed to hold together the past, present, and future of humanity and stay connected to the world beyond the material one, offering humanity guidance on how to evolve into beings of compassion and love. They help us to remember who we really are at a soul level and how we can bring peace and love into a world that is in need.

New Age practitioners emphasize that knowing a star child is both an opportunity and a responsibility. You should spend as much time as you can with this special person and talk to them with an open mind and an open heart. Never dismiss their ideas or call them silly.

Never tell them to grow up, be realistic or sensible. Instead, be like a curious child yourself and learn all you can from them. Remember that star children need special care as they feel things deeply and can be very upset by injustice and suffering.

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This Post Has 27 Comments

  1. Lynn Davis

    After reading your article, I really believe that I am a “Star Child, though I just turned 65. I fit your description 100%, though in this world, I am finding it increasingly difficult to be all-loving and giving. Too many hurts.

  2. Abigayle

    I believe im a star children because i fit this prefect i have memorys of stuff that i dont even remember i say somthing gonna happen in the future it happens

    1. M. Smahi

      The same at me 😮 wtf!!!

  3. Steve Gillis

    I too have had these uncommon traits since I was quite small. Unfortunately the pain that comes with them is no stranger either. I will not ever stop being who I am though, if I do, everything that I stand against will have come that much closer to succeeding. My very last breath will be spent speaking against all that is evil,no matter the agony it takes to speak.
    To any other child that feels that they have been overcome, I speak these words with tender compassion and real tears- remove yourself from the arena of pain reconnect with the One who sent us be restored and wade back into the fray we need you we are not quite done yet

  4. Ashton Brumit

    I believe that I am a star child. All my life I’ve believed that I am here to make the world a better place and to get us to the next era of the human race. I do have memory of my past life of being some kind of loyalty or king. My intelligence is very unique. I was born with knowledge that I didn’t have to learn. I have a lot of empathy for other people because I want the world to become a perfect place.

  5. M. Smahi

    Dafuuuuuk 😮 i was tellin everyone that im starchild !
    But i didnt knew that there’s starchildren !
    I was thinkin that i’ĺl never find one
    I remember my past life
    I was tellin people that star children here to help humans
    I was tellin people so many information
    Dafuuuk im so fuckin chocked ‘-‘

  6. M. Smahi

    Where i can find other star children ? (I’m sure that i’m starchild cuz i was thinkin that i’m the first one who say that he’s star child
    I was lookin for others from long time ago i didnt find any

  7. S.P.

    I’m curious about your proof of starchildren and their existence. There is a strong possibility of you simply encountering a surprisingly compassionate and intelligent person who has phantom memories, thus causing them to believe they had a previous family or experiences prior to birth.

    1. e


  8. Jazmin

    I have all but one of these am i still a star child. I do remember things others cannot but im not sure.

  9. Giselle Martin

    Hi there, a thought provoking article, thank you.

    Any other star child that wants to reconnect please leave a comment here….

    1. Anna Gollnick

      I was just told that I am one from someone who can look into past lives. I knew that I was different from everyone else, and I thought that I was crazy. It’s a relief to know that there are others. I wish that I knew sooner, than finding out when I’m forty five.

    2. Morningstar

      I am a 77 year old star child. Yesterday while leading our free meditation call, a story came for my incoming great granddaughter. She came in spirit to hear the story and I was told she is a star child. That evening while speaking of Papa Joe (a tohunga from New Zealand) and how we communicated, I was told that he related to me that way because I am a star child. In both cases I had no idea what star child means This is the first place I found with an explanation All of it fits me. It took me a long time to stop wanting to be “normal” and hiding my gifts for fear of being thought insane. Perhaps this also explains the name that was given in my dreams in 1977. We are unique and we are needed by the world in this time of transition. I am so happy that there are more of us out there and I send great love to all of you

  10. Billy

    Yes there are some of us who know this can be a better place for ALL.

    Who’s stepping up to make the change?

    Treat it like a corporation in the sense of needing a secretary, treasurer, etc….

    We can make the change overnight… if we do it right ❤️



    1. Anna

      Trinity, you are very blessed to discover that you are one at a very young age. Sending you love, healing and spiritual strength and protection in your journey ❤️

  12. Chelsea Lawhorn

    My name is Chelsea. I am not really sure if I am one or not. I’ve always felt different. Like I was obsessed with the stars. Mostly Orion. I even named my youngest after the constellation. I have dreams that come true. But not very often do I dream. I’m very compassionate & love all trees & plants.. I have a green thumb. I just want to know for sure.

  13. Chelsea Lawhorn

    I’ve also been told I’ve got a very old soul. Now I’m growing into it. Lol. But even when I was 10 I hung out with 30 year olds. I always knew too much for my own good.

  14. Eldorado

    Wow I’m so amazed seeing all your comments and reading things I never knew before, thanks for such a sweet & also scary article , I don’t fit in to this characters but tonight I came out of my house and the first thing I saw was the stars, a joy gripe me & not quite long I begin to have feeling that my future baby will be called star ⭐️, wow I accepted immediately and I decided to search for children called star but wow to greatest surprise 🥺🥰 I can’t wait for my star to arrive 🙏✊ please leave a reply I’d love to hear more about children called star 💫

  15. Scott

    P.1. Aahhh. Now i know why people keep calling me a star child. For about 20 yrs or so random people walk up & tell me I’m either a star child; an alien; a Nordic alien; part alien; or descended from an egyptian pharoah who was alien. Please do not be offended by what i write. Read all my comments before you judge me. I do not think I’m a star child. But orhers do. Since so many people think i am; I’ll describe myself & how i do relate to what you say. Maybe it will convince you i am; or am not. That is for you to decide. I’m not here to judge. But i am on earth to help.

    1. Val Brooklyn Rogers

      Wow Hey my name is Val.
      I couldn’t possibly be a star child. I was a bad often angry child because my father was murdered when I was very young. When I became a young teen I was involved in gangs. Oh, that was exciting for me. But after a while. I straightened out a bit. I stopped cursing. I refused to follow the crowd. Often felt the need to protect others especially my siblings. Of course I even fought them from sometimes. I’m now 57 years old. Never been married and no children
      I too have felt out of place. Never liked parties or crowds. But love family gatherings.

  16. Scott

    P.17. Some of us are drawn to our other half here. I have the Holy Spirit in me. It entered when i asked Jesus in. It is my kind voice. It is not my subconcious. It does not talk as clearly to most as it does me. So if you can’t hear it don’t worry. Thats normal. Its rare to clearly hear it. So you probably don’t. It would take a whole book to explain what it is. So let’s just give you an example. God gave you a child. The child is disabled. It cries. You are tired & stressed. Your lover left you. Your being evicted. You lost your job. You don’t know how to buy your next meal. Now this annoying little kid wont stop crying no matter what you do. You go without to feed the child. Yet it keeps crying. What do you do? Well; you are suppossed to push all of your own pain & sadness aside. Pick that child up & hug it. Give it love. Force a fake smile on your face. Protect it. See; you want the one Christians call God to forgive & love you no matter what kind of stuff you pulled here on earth. Well; he wants you to do the same for the child under your care. Be it yours; a niece; whatever. You have the power to harm or help a child. Not all are called to help all. Not everyone is Mother Teresa. Most are just called to love themselves & their own children. Get yourself back to Heaven if you never have children. Help them get back if you do. Some are called to adopt. So help them get back. My bad; some were made & sent straight into a new body. Some already existed in Heaven & then came here. I forget you are not all like me. I’m what some of you call an old soul. I haven’t lived multiple lives. I’m not even sure if you can. I don’t have all the answers. Only God does. I think if you do that would be Purgatory? But thats not me. I will only live this one life. I’m from Heaven; when i die i go right back there. I do know most of you only get one shot. So get your self right. But don’t worry; you don’t have to be perfect. There are those who say if you have one bad thought you goto Hell. Sure. Then it would only be God, Jesus, & the angels in Heaven. Even i couldnt get back thru the gate if that were true. Yes; there is a gate; your mind will probably see it as a golden gate; but only the smartest scientists would understand if i tried to explain. By the way; don’t let science confuse you. All science can really prove is that your body is real in this dimension. It doesn’t define your soul. I also hate to tell you God can change the rules of science. So don’t let scientists convince you theres no God or Heaven & that you have no soul. I’m also a genius. Ive seen Heaven. I could even scientifically prove it, but youd have to be very high IQ to grasp all that. If you hated Physics then you wouldnt want to read that book. Sciencd is just us trying to explain the things around our earthly bodies. Your soul is the real you.

  17. Charissa Blacklidge

    I’m a born again christian, filled with the Spirit and yet this sounds like me.. I am not sure about reincarnation stuff… just being a child like this doesnt mean you dont believe in God.. I became a christian 38 yrs ago.. I pray EVERY
    DAY and read scripture every day… I am not into scientism.. although I am sure I was someplace else before here.. Seeing heaven is great, doesnt mean you have been there.. I’ve seen a horsefly, doesnt mean they fly.. Stop trying to condemn everyone for not thinking exactly like you.. and no, your soul is NOT the real you.. Your spirit is the real you… even in the book of revelation, there are spirits of just men..look it up..

  18. Leah Griggs

    I know I am a star child. My ex step mother told me that when I was a kid. I saw a premonition of my grandfather crashing the night before our trip and if it wasn’t for my grandmother I wouldn’t be here today he was at the spot where I saw him drive off of the cliff. I have visited people having outer body experiences. My child are star children as well. I also have the 6th Sense I can, see, feel, and communicate. I was attacked by an old woman after telling her to get out of my house. I’ve had my spice cabinet thrown at me and my daughter has been shoved out of the door and my son has had a plate thrown at him. I have been to a hotel and I felt like I was being watched. When it comes to animals I can calm a wild kitten, there was a mustang horse who wouldn’t let anyone touch her but me. All my animals I have picked me. When my husband I were apart I lived in another state and we were talking on the phone and I knew how his house was set up I never seen the inside of the house

  19. Peter

    I can remember thing that back when I was 2 yrs old. I has been place in my other lives. Like see a place you never been to know where thing are in a old house.

  20. Igentry

    I think I am a star child. I am 52 but I have all of the above characteristics, only, my eyes turn completely black on some days. I have photos to prove it.

  21. Ally

    I’ve come here because I keep waking up to the internal words “you are a star child”. I’m curious, does anyone else remember meeting a giant energy being when they were very little? I was around 2-3.

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