Star children are children that come into this world seemingly wise beyond their years.

They are full of compassion for all entities in the world and may have a particular connection with animals, plants and Mother Nature. These children do all that they can to bring the energy of peace and love to the world.

Here are 4 ways to recognize if you are blessed to know a star child.

1. They are compassionate

Star children are full of empathy and compassion for others. They intuitively understand when another person is sad or upset and, despite their tender years, always know the right thing to say to ease the sadness of others. They are also loving and affectionate to everyone.

Star children understand that we are all connected and see no boundaries to this love. They will comfort strangers if they see a need. They will also show love and compassion to all living and non-living creatures from the smallest insect to the largest ocean creatures and often to trees and landscapes, too.

Star children do not value one form of life over another, as they understand the interconnectedness of all things. Issues such as pollution and inequality upset star children because they understand they have such compassion for all of creation.

2. They are generous

Star children will happily give away their possessions. They do this for three reasons. Firstly, material things do not particularly interest them. Secondly, they love to make others happy. And thirdly, they know that, as all things are connected, the world and everything in it belongs to everyone.

When asked what they would like as a gift, star children may request things for others less fortunate than themselves. A young relative of mine once cut herself and needed stitches at the hospital. After the visit, her mother asked what she wanted as a reward for being so brave.

The sweet child requested a tin of cat food. When her mother asked why on earth she would choose such a thing, she explained that she had recently made friends with a stray cat and wanted to feed it.

Star children are rarely competitive and prefer to work with others for the good of all. If they do win a prize, they will give it away rather than be the cause of another’s unhappiness.

3. They remember before they were born

Many star children talk about memories they have from before they were born. Often star children have ‘imaginary’ friends who offer them comfort and reassurance and who they regularly talk to when they are alone. These imaginary friends may actually be spirit beings who the child recognizes because they have not lost touch with the spiritual realm.

Star children may also remember their past lives. A friend of mine has a son who often says to his parents ‘Do you remember when we did such and such?’ When the parents admit they don’t remember, the little boy replies ‘Oh, no, that’s right, I didn’t do that with you, I did it with my last mummy and daddy.’

4. They are wise

Star children think differently to others. They ask the big questions, such as ‘who are we?’ and ‘what are we here for?’ from a very early age. Because they connect at such a wise level, they often enjoy relationships with people much older than they are.

Star children have been coming to earth for some years now in greater and greater numbers. Some of the earliest arrivals may not be children anymore but teenagers, men and women in mid-life, and even occasionally much older people. These special people offer us hope that life on earth will be guided by their compassion and love.

Star individuals hold together the past, present and future of humanity and stay connected to the world beyond the material one, offering humanity guidance on how to evolve into beings of compassion and love. They help us to remember who we really are at a soul level and how we can bring peace and love into a world that is in need.

Knowing a star child is both an opportunity and a responsibility. You should spend as much time as you can with this special person and talk to them with an open mind and an open heart. Never dismiss their ideas or call them silly.

Never tell them to grow up, be realistic or sensible. Instead, be like a curious child yourself and learn all you can from them. Remember that star children need special care as they feel things deeply and can be very upset by injustice and suffering.


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