Do you feel different from everyone else? Are you fascinated with the universe and the stars? Some people believe that all this means that you could be a Starseed.

Do you ever feel like you don’t belong in this world? Have you ever gazed up at the night sky and felt a deep connection to the universe? According to New Age spirituality beliefs, these are all signs that you could be a Starseed.

What Is a Starseed?

Starseeds are believed to be highly intelligent beings that supposedly come from far-flung corners of the universe. They are advanced souls that have a wisdom humans cannot comprehend. New Age practitioners claim that starseeds are not aware of their true identities but have come here to help mankind evolve to the next level of higher consciousness.

Thus, they will not know about their mission until the moment of their ‘awakening’, which is a kind of a switch in their brains that makes them immediately remember why they are here.

Each one of these awakenings is different and can range from quiet and serene to abrupt and intense.

Whilst no one – including New Age practitioners – really knows where Starseeds come from, their purpose on Earth seems to be clear. They are claimed to have come to usher in a new dawn for mankind; a new spiritual awakening that will serve to raise the consciousness of the whole planet.

Starseeds are believed to be typically empathic and intuitive and to have a fascination with science and astronomy. They are said to be naturally drawn to subjects that include the universe, space exploration and they believe passionately in life on other planets.

Is any of this resonating with you? Now, let’s take a look at 30 more signs of a Starseed, according to New Age practitioners.

30 Signs of a Starseed, According to New Age Spirituality

  1. You have always felt that you don’t belong here.
  2. You have a fascination with images of the Earth.
  3. You believe you have travelled from Earth and may think you have been abducted by aliens.
  4. You feel intrinsically different from everybody else.
  5. You don’t feel at home here and could imagine living on another planet.
  6. You have a deep resonance with the universe and sometimes pray to it to get a wish granted.
  7. You are fascinated with science-fiction and prefer to watch TV programmes or films that feature this subject.
  8. You feel out of place and prefer to spend time alone.
  9. Large gatherings of crowds bother you and make you feel trapped.
  10. You prefer to live somewhere there is plenty of open space.
  11. You often feel as if you have higher morals than other people.
  12. You always see the bigger picture.
  13. You have an innate sense of empathy that can be overwhelming at times.
  14. You feel as if you can fly and often have dreams where you are travelling above the Earth.
  15. You feel trapped in your physical body and feel as if it is holding you back.
  16. You feel as if you are incredibly special and have some sort of mission to perform.
  17. You have had a paranormal experience.
  18. Animals are drawn to you and you understand them intuitively.
  19. Even at a young age you were questioning rules and regulations and may have been rebellious as a teenager.
  20. You instinctively know if someone is lying.
  21. You are spiritual but not in a religious sense.
  22. You are a good listener and people often come to you for your unbiased opinions.
  23. Sometimes you feel overwhelmed by the problems in the world as they make you feel helpless.
  24. You have incredibly vivid dreams that are full of colour and imagery.
  25. Strangers often tell you their deepest secrets and problems.
  26. You have recurring dreams about space travel and aliens.
  27. You suffer from social anxiety.
  28. You might find life a struggle as you try to find your true purpose.
  29. You have always been an old soul.
  30. You feel that the rules of society don’t apply to you.

The three types of Starseeds

New Age practitioners claim that a Starseed may live many lives on Earth, on average between 5 to 50 lifetimes. It is believed that there are three types of Starseeds:

New Starseeds’ who are said to have just arrived here and not had that many lifetimes on Earth.

New Age Starseeds’ who are believed to have been here for many lifetimes and to be here to help the planet achieve higher consciousness.

Old Soul Starseeds’ that have supposedly lived hundreds upon hundreds of lives on Earth and are at the end of their journey through space.

All Starseeds are said to be here to share their knowledge, wisdom, and assist in the ascension of consciousness in individuals and in humanity. Their mission is claimed to be to help humans understand that earthly problems are immaterial and there are much more important lessons to learn about spirituality and attaining a higher level of consciousness.

Whether you believe in Starseeds or not, New Age practitioners claim that they are here to shine a light on humanity and are powerful beings that want to propel us to the Golden Age of inspiration, love, creativity, and advancement.

Frankly speaking, I’m not sure that the concept of a Starseed has any real substance, and the signs above sound like someone with an abstract mind, vast curiosity, and vivid imagination. Maybe it’s just a fancy metaphor for a deep thinker and an avid dreamer after all. In any case, it’s certainly a beautiful belief, isn’t it?



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This Post Has 6 Comments

  1. Enie

    I feel like I would be a new starseed;
    When I was at a very young age, the world seemed colorful and exciting and I would always want to share my ideas with everyone. Though, at the same time, I rebelled A LOT, and would often cause my parents trouble due to frustration (and of course being a kid)
    Now, I’m 17, I’m still rebellious you could say because I don’t really listen to rules but at the same time I don’t really cause trouble ether. In fact, now days I rather keep to myself because normal teenager’s hobbies doesn’t interest me or I really don’t have anything to talk to my peers about really.
    But one thing I never grew out of and I’m almost positive that I’m never grow out of is the fact that I feel like we are all missing something important, and it’s right in front of us but due to modern society habits, we always seem to miss it

  2. Samantha

    I think I’m more of a New Age Starseed because I always felt as if I had a past life centuries ago and even have dreams of it along with sharing my wisdom onto others in that time and etc. Everyone in today’s time really be shocked and blown away at how I think. They even second guess my age as if I’m an older adult even when I’m actually 19.

  3. Miracle Mastery

    The Rules of Society, Surely Don’t Apply to me.

  4. Marie McCall

    Um, is this not the symptoms of Asperger’s?! ~ aprox. 1 in 100 of people, neurologically different to 99% of typicals, some Drs propose that it’s the next stage of evolution, rather than the negative which society too often tries to ignorantly portray it as – Could be more than 1%; it’s woefully underdiagnosed in females as they’re under greater pressure to ‘fit in’ & are adept at ‘pretending to be normal’ in order to survive, avoid being singled out as ‘odd’, although of course that can take a toll on mental health, as many inc. Marilyn Monroe have found.
    If you feel you’re ‘special’ it might actually be neurological. Always felt like an alien & at odds with this materialistic world of gossips, bullies & shallow social-climbers? – get yourself checked for Asperger’s! I only found out by complete chance, no thanks to any Drs I’d previously seen over 30 years!

  5. Prajjwal

    This has cleared my doubts regarding starseeds to a very good extent! Thank you!!

  6. Clem

    Hi Janey. Clem. I love the sweetness of risk you held within your final paragraph. you offer a straightforward, yet profound perspective which reveals your pocket wisdom and sincerity as regards this subject. And so, I will attempt to clarify your clouded knowledge pool by briefly sharing with you my experience on the matter. Eight years ago I was informed that I was an avatar, ie. That I was a reincarnated human. But, beside the obvious, the question remains: from where, and whence, comes the soul that animates me? I can say that I believe it may be old, and that, interestingly, I exhibit many of the “typical,” or common traits many internet guessers attribute to starseeds. Hey… lucky me! But most importantly for you, Janey, is to know that science is in play here. Logic and rationale dominate my life and not channelers, or copycats, or speculators. Mysticism has no place here. It’s true I serve at least one purpose on this planet; not unlike others like myself whom may also be “starseeds.” Science. Facts. Reason. You see, my “awakening” eight years ago revealed to me a greater truth. I “met” the people who informed me of my status as an avatar and of my subsequent role in the years to follow. They called themselves the “Ancient Ones;” they are my beloved. They are not from this place or this time, and it matters not who believes it. In my book, it is fact over fanciful. Of course we’re not alone; seek the tangible and you’ll find your starseeds.

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