Stephen Hawking has proven in the recent past that all things in space and time can be explained.

Facts about our existence and how nothing became something great – he has channeled these answers from the cosmos. He has provided explanations causing scientists to re-evaluate their thinking. One of the latest discoveries in cosmology, the Higgs Boson particle, shed light on previously unanswered questions which then led him to solve other mysteries of the universe.

Now, delving deeper, Hawking suggests a theory on the expansion of the universe immediately following the Big Bang. This next discovery could connect many loose ends if the theory is accepted by physicists. Together with Thomas Hertog, Belgium Professor of Theoretical Physics, Hawking works on a new theory of everything, based on gravitational waves and their role at the beginning of time.

It seems that the BICEP team, at the South Pole, may already have detected gravitational waves direct from the first moment of existence. These primordial waves, if they in fact do exist, can prove to be evidence much more powerful than the discovery of the Higgs Boson.

Understanding Hawking’s Theory of Everything

At first, Hawking’s theory seems to be backed up by the BICEP2’s detection of ancient gravitational waves. After closer inspection, it was found that these gravitational waves could possibly be the polarization of galactic dust. Other researchers said that these indicators may not be after effects from the beginning of time and space at all, but Hawking isn’t giving up by any means.

Hawking explains that gravitational waves would confirm that the universe did undergo inflation following the big bang, thus the inflation theory. This means that the universe underwent a dramatic growth spurt, directly after its birth, and it makes perfect sense.

The inflationary theory, when originally suggested, was very controversial. Now this theory seems to answer difficult questions and tie up loose ends about the aspects of the universe.

Shaking up the Public

Hawking has always had a habit of thinking up controversial ideas. The thing is, these ideas or theories have, for the most part, made more sense than any other presumptions about our existence.

In 2006, Hertog and Hawking suggested the universe had Top-down characteristics, or the belief that all possible time lines to the future had direct connection to the past, and could provide historical information. Later, he provided the theory that black holes did not exist, at least in the form of our understanding.

Although his ideas may seem striking at first, they usually peel away yet another layer to the mysteries of the universe. With this next theory of everything, Hawking hopes to answer another broad set of questions about why we are here and how it really happened.

This man seems to be a force to be reckoned with, in his own. We should keep our eyes on him and expect great revelations about the universe, our existence and how nothing became something extraordinary!

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