Strange things work wonders in your brain.

You would know that activities like exercise, meditation, and reading do your mind a lot of good. But strange things may play a part in its good health as well. These oddities may take you by surprise.

Why all the fuss over the brain?

Human beings play more attention to the health of every organ in the body but the brain. They see the heart as the most important organ because it’s the pump that sends oxygen around the body. The eyes are vital because you can’t see without them.

But what about the brain? You may forget that this vital organ keeps your body alive. It’s an always-evolving, organ that keeps creating new cells. You need to keep it healthy to develop thinking abilities and memory.

Strange Things You Had No Idea Were Good For Your Brain

There’s no doubt that the brain is an organ that needs looking after. You may read tons of books or exercise to do this. If such activities aren’t your cup of tea, try something different. There are strange things you can do to keep your brain alert.

1. Looking at cute pictures

First of all is the power of Kawaii, the Japanese word for ‘cute.’ Did you know that gazing at pictures of cuddly puppies or kittens can improve your brain’s functions?

Researchers at the Hiroshima University found that looking at photos of cute animals makes a person more focused and careful. They divided university students into three groups and got them to do different tasks.

One group played a game which involved removing body parts from a model using tweezers. They asked the second group to look for a number among random numbers. The third group took a test that measured focus.

Half of each group viewed adult animals, while the other half looked at baby animals. The scores of those who looked at cute pictures had better performance ratings.

2. Watching Cat Videos

If you have a cat, let it star in a home video, then view the tape. You’ll find yourself more energetic and in a better mood, say researchers from Indiana University, Bloomington.

According to Jessica Gall Myrick, one of the researchers, there is a high number of people who do this because they want to avoid tasks. She elaborates that the emotional high they get after doing so helps them to focus on their work later.

3. Eating Ice Cream

Also, did mom tell you that eating ice cream’s not good for you? You may want to prove her wrong.

You’ll have Japanese scientist Yoshihiko Koga of Toyko’s Ryorin University to help you with this. He conducted clinical trials that involved eating ice-cream after waking up.

He divided volunteers into two groups. The participants who ate ice-cream after they woke up were calmer, more focused and had better mental processes.

4. Eating Magic Mushrooms

Another exotic food that your brain can benefit from is the magic mushroom. The next time you’re afraid of something, chew on one.

Researchers from the University of South Florida measured the effects of mushrooms on mice that feared certain stimuli. They found that the mushrooms helped the mice face their fears because it prompted the growth of their brains. You’ll also feel glad to know that they support memory and learning as well.

5. Falling In Love

You will already know that falling in love is good for your mood, but did you know why?

Pat Mumby, Ph.D., of the Loyola University shares that it’s good for the brain because it releases ”feel good’ chemicals. The brain’s dopamine, adrenaline, and norepinephrine levels rise when a person falls in love. MRI scans prove that being in love lights up the brain’s pleasure centers.

So, it’s proven. Being in a stable relationship is good for your emotions and mental well-being.

6. Spending time with friends

Do you need a brain recharge? Spend time with your buddies. According to a study in the Journal of Affective Disorders, it relieves depression because it releases happy feelings and reduces stress.

When friends surround you, your brain releases more oxytocin, which, in turn, supports serotonin. Friends also calm the brain’s fear center and help you control your feelings.

7. Dressing Up

Do you want to become smart? Look the part. Among the strange things that can benefit your brain is wearing something fabulous.

Guys, there’s proof that you can become more intellectual if you wear a suit. A study published in the Sage journals confirms its positive effects on the brain. Another study showed that wearing a white coat made a person more attentive.

Ladies, you may not wear suits, but a chic dress will keep you focused in the same way. Furthermore, dressing up will aid your kids’ memories and learning. It builds their vocabulary and helps them develop problem-solving skills.

8. Playing Tetris

Do you remember Tetris, a game that was popular not too long ago? You might want to start playing it again because it has benefits for your cognition.

A study published in Science Direct shows that Tetris may reduce addictive behaviors. The researchers discovered that it weakened cravings for drugs and unhealthy activities.

9. Drinking Water

Also, drinking water may do more wonders for your brain than you realize.

Since your brain is made of 75% water, taking in more water will make you more focused and creative. It also delivers nutrients to the brain, helping you to stay focused and efficient. Water also purges toxins. According to the University of East London, it also boosts your brain’s reaction time.

10. Looking at nature

Finally, if you’re suffering from brain fatigue, look at the trees around you.

Scientists at the University of Stanford asked volunteers to walk through a parklike section of their campus. After that, they put these participants through a brain scan. They found that the participants’ blood flowed to the prefrontal cortex, which showed less activity. So, taking a walk through the woods is the thing to do when you are feeling disturbed.

In all, if you want to do good to your brain, ditch the conventional. Strange things may give your brain the fuel it needs.

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