Those with strong personality have some traits that often make them seem cold or mean. Truth is, they are much like anyone else, kind and loving.

I didn’t feel like I was strong as a child. I was bullied for many years and abused for many others. So, at first, I felt trampled on and unable to stand up for my own rights. As I grew, I believe the traits of a strong personality developed, or rather, they surfaced. Maybe they were already there.

Traits that make us stand apart

Everyone has good and bad traits. While some of us may be extra kind to others, these same individuals may not be able to withstand the loss of love. Some people may have traits that make them chess masters, but in exchange, they are unable to reason through personal problems. You see, the traits of a strong personality vary, as do weaker ones.

So, to focus on the strong ones, what are some of the more non-obvious traits of such a personality you’ve seen? Here are a few I’ve noticed.

1. Problems are opportunities

Over the course of my life, I have noticed two distinct differences between people. When problems arise, some people panic and shrink at the thought of an uncomfortable situation. Then you have others who jump at the chance to solve a problem.

You see, those with strong personalities have traits which help them see problems as opportunities to grow. You may have a broken television, for instance, and while one person would buy another one or take it to the shop, the other person may use the opportunity to learn how to fix the television. You, see, a problem here has been turned into an opportunity to learn something new. That is a strong trait.

2. Friendship selective

I’ve noticed cliques everywhere. I’ve seen large groups of giggling women congregating together to go buy shoes or clothes, and to be honest, I try to shy away from that scene. Did you know that some have strong personality traits that make them more friendship selective? In other words, they rather have fewer friends and ones who like to do more than just shopping.

Being friendship selective helps to weed out the fake friends and put more effort into cultivating healthy relationships. Not to say these cliques aren’t always genuine. On the contrary, sometimes large groups just happen to fit together perfectly and that’s fine.

However, those with strong personalities prefer quality over quantity when it comes to friends, and so they are extremely selective.

3. No need for attention

Have you noticed how many selfies are on social media nowadays? Have you noticed how many people are showing off everything they purchase? Well, it may not be completely unhealthy, but it’s not a trait of strong personalities. Strong people have little need for attention.

Those who have no need for attention fin the spotlight to be invasive. Let’s be honest, strong people do not need validation from society to feel important, and yes, I do make this assumption when I see “Rhonda” posting every meal she cooks. I mean, what does that mean, anyway?

Believe it or not, those with strong personalities find attention within. As hard as this may be to understand, it works splendidly.

4. Can be overwhelming

One of the more negative aspects of this personality is that the strong part can be too strong sometimes. While they mean well, strong people can be overwhelming when they voice their opinions. If you do happen to ask them to speak on something, they will tell the truth and nothing but. This truth may sometimes be ugly, but it will be uncut, that’s for sure.

These truths, these harsh and raw statements are meant to help, but they come out in hurtful ways sometimes. Strong personalities can easily overwhelm others by getting straight to the point. No, no beating around the bush here.

5. Doesn’t like drama

The strong personality type hates drama. When something happens, yes, they may want to know what it is, but they don’t want to join a group of people to talk about it all night long. Those with strong personalities try to avoid drama as much as possible and focus rather on what they can do to help.

6. Can ask for help easily

While most people have problems asking for help, those with strong personality traits find asking for help to be fairly easy. I mean, what’s the shame in asking someone for a moment of their time, or if they can afford it, a small loan in hardship.

Since there is so much thievery in the world today, it’s nice to know that some people will ask for help instead. Although people try their best to be self-sufficient, some have no problem asking for help when we need to.

7. Will walk away

If a situation isn’t suitable for a strong person, they will simply walk away. No kidding, when it’s time to go, people with strong personalities will know. They’re not the type to bluff leaving or make threats as others are prone to do.

When they decide that a relationship or job just isn’t benefitting them anymore, they will calmly say, “I’m done with this arrangement”, and then start making plans to put their next chapter in order. Trust me, this is true.

Do you have a strong personality type

Having strong personality traits, like anything else, can be good and bad. While, at times, you can alienate people, you can also create amazing friendships which last a lifetime, just maybe not many of them.

The only way to know if you fall into this category is to pay attention to your lifestyle and your alone time. Although having these traits of a strong personality is wonderful, there’s nothing wrong with having other traits as well.



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