How do you spend your Sunday afternoons?

While everyone welcomes the arrival of the weekend every Friday afternoon, each week, the weekend seems to go by quicker. Saturday is usually filled with fun gatherings or nights on the town, and then Sunday suddenly arrives.

Lazy Sundays are common in the morning and afternoon. Then, by Sunday night, many people start feeling that dread and anxiety of responsibilities and deadlines coming for Monday morning. Start making your Sunday afternoons more productive instead of wasting this precious time.

Here are five ways to get more out of those lazy Sunday afternoons so you won’t be stressing out later that night:

1. Plan the Week’s Meals

One way to be productive each Sunday is to get a head start on all of your dinners for the week. Most of the time, families are too busy during the work and school week to enjoy quality, home cooked dinners. Instead, many people resort to microwave meals or something unhealthy.

You can help change this trend in your household by taking time on Sunday morning and afternoon to prepare healthy and delicious family favorites, like stews, casseroles, or slow cooker creations. Then, you can freeze them for later quick reheating during the week.

2. Look Over Your Budget

The next thing to do on Sunday afternoon is to take a look at your family’s budget. This may be a great time to tackle recurring monthly bills, like utilities, rent, credit card payments, insurance, and car loans. Many individuals have access to online banking tools that make scheduling bill payments ahead of time much easier. Make sure you are aware of how much money you should be spending during the week to continue to pay your bills and not get behind.

3. Schedule Your Workouts

Your health and physical fitness is another key factor to your happiness and well-being each week. Sunday afternoons are a great time to get started on planning out your weekly workout schedule. Whether you have access to a health club or you focus your physical activity on the outdoors, spending a few minutes on your weekly exercise plan is essential. Most experts in healthcare recommend that people of all ages be more proactive in their wellness.

4. Review Your Social Schedule

After you’ve taken a look at your meals, your money, and your health, don’t forget to include some fun and social time in your schedule. Make sure you give yourself opportunities to socialize with your friends and family members each week. That could be simply getting together with a friend and having coffee.

5. Get Ahead on Chores

The last thing to tackle on Sunday afternoons is your house. Keeping your home spic and span takes some time and dedication to a variety of cleaning tasks. Get started on a few of the most time-consuming chores on Sunday, and schedule quick and easy jobs throughout the week.

The next time you’re sitting in your bed on Sunday night, don’t feel guilty or stressed about wasting time. Start getting things done Sunday morning and into the afternoon each week to help get more out of your weekend time.

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