Did you know that your body has some incredible super abilities?

You may be amazed to find out how many freaky super abilities your body actually has. All of the below things can be done by just about anyone – and they’re all very weird.

1. Predict the weather

That’s right – your body can actually predict the weather! If you have stiff, creaky, or achy joints, they will feel more so right before a storm. This is due to the drop in atmospheric pressure, causing a decrease in joint fluid pressure which is registered as pain. It’s not just an old wives’ tale – this is scientifically proven.

2. Tell the future

Is the future unknowable? Maybe on a conscious level, but it seems like our hearts actually know how to tell what is going to happen. One study had participants looking at a series of images – some of them neutral, and some designed to illicit a response.

The study found that heart rates increased, as you might expect while looking at the trigger images… but the rate actually sped up as much as 10 seconds before the image appeared. Do our hearts know when something is going to happen?

3. Display your love

Have a secret crush? You might not want to look them in the eye anytime soon. According to research, our eyes dilate when we look at someone that we love. This tell-tale sign is controlled by the sympathetic nervous system and happens when we look at anything that is aesthetically pleasing to us, too. If you don’t want to give anything away, stay in a dim environment, where your eyes will already be dilated!

4. Have super strength

We’ve all heard the idea of a mother suddenly gaining the strength to lift a car when her child is in danger, but this is actually something that could really happen. The release of adrenaline in a stressful situation has a unique outcome.

Your heart rate and respiration increase, and your digestive system actually shut down at the same time. This allows your muscles to contract much more forcefully – in other words, giving you real super abilities!

5. See with your ears

If you ever go blind, don’t worry about not being able to get around. Your body can actually compensate by allowing you to see… with your ears. Echolocation is the process of figuring out the landscape around you by the sounds that you hear, and particularly how they bounce around.

One man named Daniel Kish is so good at this that he has become a professional mountain biker, despite being blind.

6. Slow down time

If you have seen The Matrix, you know all about the so-called bullet-time, in which everything slows down and you can notice the time pass by with clarity. This is something you can really experience! Police officers and others caught in stressful situations have recounted events where they saw things happen in slow motion, right in front of them, which they were able to understand as if in real-time.

Because the brain is on high alert, you start thinking faster – and as a result, everything else seems to move slower. It’s a shame we can’t access this ability all of the time in order to get more things done!

These weird super abilities of the human body seem truly unbelievable, but we actually hold these hidden powers within us. While to trigger some of them we normally have to be under huge stress or fighting for our lives, there are some that may have become our everyday (unnoticed) reality. However, one thing is clear: we should never underestimate our bodies again!

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  1. Thea Dunlap

    These are cool facts. If on of these abilities are super enhanced, it can be considered as a superpower 🙂

  2. joshua peterson

    BRO I can tell the future 😮 but its only at night.

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