ihttiSwitzerland is considered a pioneer in the field of hotel, tourism and restaurant management, and the majority of top managers in this area were trained in Swiss universities. One them is IHTTI (International Hotel and Tourism Training Institute) of Neuchâtel, a lively university town located near the Neuchâtel Lake at the foot of the mountains.

The secret of success of the IHTTI is its connection with the former hotel EUROTEL, one of the most famous hotels in Neuchatel. As a part of their training all students make their internship in all the hotel services. They are taught not only managing people in different areas of hospitality and tourism, but also developing their own innovative ideas.

The IHTTI offers a variety of programs in the field of tourism and hotel management. Students who successfully complete six semesters receive a bachelor’s degree in one of two specialties: “International Hotel and Tourism Management” or “International Hotel Management and Design.”

Students with a bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Hospitality may continue Master studies at one of the universities of the Swiss Education Group, including the IHTTI.

The IHTTI has a quite flexible program of study: a three-year course of the bachelor’s degree consists of six semesters. The first and the second year include 5 months of theoretical training and 4-6 months of paid internship in the field of hospitality. The first training usually takes place in one of the leading hotels of Switzerland, and the second in any other country in the world. This is a real opportunity to acquire recommendations and important connections that would be very useful in the future! During the internship the average wage is about 2,500 Swiss francs.

Training is conducted in English – official business language. During their studies students may choose one or two foreign languages to learn: French, German or Spanish.

Students with insufficient knowledge of English language may take training courses (English Foundation), that last 4-16 weeks and are sponsored by Swiss Education Group to more than 50%.

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