What Will Happen in 2017? Here Are a Few Ideas

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What will happen in 2017? you ask. According to predictions, quite a bit! We’re all in shell shock right now, reeling from the multiple events and disasters of 2016. Last year being one of the most intriguing years in decades, had beloved celebrities dying left and right, while mass killings littered the new’s channels. What [...]

Is Human Extinction Upon Us? These 4 Things Could Wipe out Our Species in 100 Years, Study Finds

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Human extinction may sound crazy, but it's not impossible if you consider the world's current situation. Occasionally, we hear colourful theories of how the world is going to end in x amount of years – some plausible while others downright wild. While most of the population pass these by with fleeting curiosity, others take them [...]

What Will Happen in 2016? Predictions by the Most Famous Prophets in History

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What will happen in 2016 according to French prophet Nostradamus and Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga? Can humans predict the future? Some say it’s true, and, as a matter of fact, it is believed that humans have the ability to reveal more than just winning lottery numbers. Some believe there are individuals with the ability to [...]

Timeline of the Universe Shows the Full History and the Future of Space, Earth, Humanity and Life

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Life is but a vapor, and the universe is vast. Its history is way past ancient. The timeline of the universe is almost unfathomable, and if we take a look at this timeline, we see ourselves as an equivalent of only a few seconds. Can you imagine the true scope of this? There are no [...]

Georgia Guidestones: a Mysterious Monument That Warns Humanity with a Post-Apocalyptic Message

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One of the strangest monuments in America is the Georgia Guidestones at the top of a hill in Elbert County, Georgia. It is comprised of four tablets surrounding a central pedestal with a top cap above the monument. Each of the four tablets has the same message inscribed on both faces, covering 8 distinct languages, [...]

The Collision of Two Supermassive Black Holes Could Shake the Universe

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Maybe not today, maybe not a year from now and not even 50 years from now, but eventually the Earth may witness a catastrophic event. It may even be the dreaded apocalypse for some in the vast universe. So, sit back, take a breath and enjoy your home planet. Life will not end, at least [...]

Technological Singularity: Can Machines Rule Us on Day?

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We've all seen the movies, we all know the theory; the possibility that one day machines become superintelligent, develop individual conscience and decide to enslave the human race, most likely resulting in a dystopian world. “The Matrix” trilogy is the most mainstream manifestation of this theory in popular media, and “I, Robot” had also made a [...]

These 3 Things Could Destroy the Human Civilization, Says Stephen Hawking

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Famous for his scientific research on black holes and physics, world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has issued a stark warning on things that he strongly believes will lead to the demise of human civilization, and his warnings may surprise you as they are far beyond the realms of the mainstream beliefs that human civilization may well [...]

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