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7 Fun Facts You Probably Didn’t Know about Usual Things Around You

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The universe is made up of so many amazing things that we will never know. Let's learn some fun facts about quite ordinary things. Do you have the feeling that your life is more boring that it should be? Perhaps you have always imagined doing amazing things in a different way. It may seem that [...]

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Is Modern Society Killing the Type Of Women Men Want?

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What type of women do men want today? Is the society killing the image that men have about women or giving them a greater choice? It seems like the ultimate question when it comes to dating is ‘what do men actually want in a woman?’ An initial Google search and the first site tells me [...]

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Vintage Postcards Show How Different Women’s Beauty Standards Were 100 Years Ago

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Women's beauty has been a subject which started wars, troubled philosophers and inspired poets. As far as we can remember a topic of lady's appearance was important to both sexes equally, although we haven't always lived in a world that allowed so much freedom to women. Some might argue that even the present day isn't [...]

The Nature of Reality and the Universe Is Mathematical

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What is the universe made of? Romantics would say it is made of stardust, realists would say – of matter. A famous cosmologist of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Max Tegmark has a different idea: he states that the Universe is made of… mathematics. Professor Tegmark, who has also formulated the so-called Ultimate ensemble theory [...]

Beauty lights up the brain

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According to British scientists, each time you admire the beauty of a work of art or a musical piece a particular area in front of the brain “lights up”. Specialists from the Wellcome Laboratory of Neurobiology of the University College London (UCL) published a report in the PLoS One magazine in which claimed that seeing [...]