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How Many Dimensions Are Actually There? 11-Dimensional World and String Theory

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What if there are more than three dimensions in our universe? String theory suggests there are 11 of them. Let's explore this intriguing theory and its possible applications. Since ancient days, humans have been familiar with the sense of 3-dimensionality of space. This idea was better understood after the theory of classical mechanics by Isaac [...]

Do We Live in One of Infinite Worlds in a Giant Multiverse?

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The idea of the existence of infinite worlds has been fascinating scientific minds for centuries. Let's explore some of the most intriguing theories and studies that suggest our universe is not the only one. According to the conventional cosmic theory, our universe was created about 13.7 billion years ago in what is known as Big [...]

Cosmologist May Have Found Signs of a Parallel Universe

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The idea of the existence of a parallel universe is an intriguing one. Realities running side by side with existence, as we know it, is bound to keep us curious. It’s not new speculation, we have considered the possibilities of a parallel universe for decades, even building theories around the idea. Well, it’s possible that one [...]

The Universe Is Not Expanding As Rapidly As Previously Thought

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One of the biggest questions to date pertains to the expansion of the universe since the “Big Bang”. While some believe the universe is expanding rapidly, still others think the universe is moving outward at a much slower pace. Which idea is correct? Fast or slow The basic idea that the universe is expanding at [...]

Top 10 Unsolved Mysteries in Physics That Still Puzzle Scientists

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If it exists then it can certainly be measured and explained. Physics finds facts, or as near to facts as possible. One of the most interesting facts, however, is that physics is imperfect, as there are several unsolved problems that keep us stumped – 10 to be exact. Not everything can be measured, especially the [...]

The Big Bang May Have Never Happened According to Quantum Equations

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Did the Big Bang really happen? Probably not, according to two physicists who wish to revive one of the most popular arguments of the twentieth century. What these guys think is completely different from what cosmologists thought about the universe. Where did the Big Bang theory come from? The words “Big Bang theory” came from [...]

Stephen Hawking Is Working on a New Theory of Everything, Based on Gravitational Waves

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Stephen Hawking has proven in the recent past that all things in space and time can be explained. Facts about our existence and how nothing became something great – he has channeled these answers from the cosmos. He has provided explanations causing scientists to re-evaluate their thinking. One of the latest discoveries in cosmology, the [...]

What Kept the Universe Stable After the Big Bang?

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We understand that the Big Bang created the universe, but how did existence remain stable after the Big Bang? This question creates other questions about why particles didn’t disintegrate after this monumental explosion. What held existence altogether? What force kept dust in certain areas, forming planets and suns in vast numbers? There are a couple of theories [...]