Five Amazing Logic Puzzles

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Here are 5 logic puzzles of different levels of difficulty: from the easiest to the most difficult one. Will you manage to solve them? The lady or the tiger? (*) A king put a prisoner in front of two doors. Door No. 1 wrote: “There is a lady in this room and a tiger in [...]

3 Mind-Blowing Lateral Thinking Puzzles

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Have you ever wondered if your mind is normal (i.e. average) or somehow different? Here are 3 lateral thinking tests. The answers are published below, but do not go immediately to read them! Think up your own answers first. Tests TEST 1 Here is the story of a young girl. At her mother’s funeral, she [...]

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5 Clever Riddles: Can You Find the Answer?

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Read these 5 clever riddles and try to solve them. They are not very difficult, so I believe you will easily find the answers! Riddle 1. "Smart measure" Someone has a flask of wine and wants to give 1 liter to his friend. How can he measure it without wasting any wine, if he has [...]

5 amazing observation puzzles

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Below you can find 5 observation puzzles, which means that the answers may be more obvious than you think. The stars (*) indicate the difficulty of each puzzle. If you manage to find the answers, write them in comments at the bottom of the page! Good luck! Puzzle 1 “Names” (*) Anna’s mother has three [...]

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8 curious puzzles for advanced solvers

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Are you good at solving riddles and puzzles? Try these eight short puzzles and riddles which require some thought but certainly will make you pass the time pleasantly. 1. Mary arrives at her new job, in a 60-story building. While she is waiting for the elevator to go to her office, she sees that it [...]

Left vs. Right Hemisphere of the Brain: Which Dominates You?

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The human brain is a complex and interconnected system, the largest and the most functionally important part of the central nervous system. Its functions include processing of sensory information coming from the senses, planning, decision making, coordination, motion control, positive and negative emotions, attention and memory. The highest function performed by the brain is thinking. […]