The Five Buddha Families and How They Can Help You Understand Yourself

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The Five Buddha Families are a vital principle in Buddhist philosophy. Buddhism is primarily concerned with reaching a state of Enlightenment, wholly separated from the individualistic and earth-bound tendencies of the Ego. Through the purging of ego-based beliefs and emotions, we grow to inhabit a space of Connection and Oneness with the Source. As a [...]

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The Key Beliefs of Buddhism and What Life Lessons They Can Teach Us

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The key beliefs of Buddhism come from its origins. Buddhism has grown to become the fourth largest religion in the world, from very humble beginnings. Let's first talk about the history of this religion. How Did Buddhism Start? The founder of Buddhism, Siddharta Gautama, was a prince from Eastern India. At that time, people either [...]

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Buddha Teachings That Will Change Your Perspective on Life

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There are several fundamental teachings of Buddha that can help us to lead a life that is of value to ourselves and others. Following these Buddhist teachings can free us from suffering and help us to embrace our true purpose here on earth. Buddhism teaches that we are on this earth for a purpose. Buddha's [...]

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7 Buddhist Beliefs That Make You Happy, According to Science

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Buddhists have always known that the core Buddhist beliefs can make for happiness and contentment. Now science is suggesting they may be right. I always find it fascinating when new scientific discoveries prove things that religious and spiritual sources have been saying since time immemorial. Recently, science has found some interesting principles of happiness. And [...]

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The Fusion of Einstein and Buddha: Spiritual Science Creates a New Vision of Reality

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While Albert Einstein was known as that “crazy” scientist with the relativity theory, Gautham Buddha was that weird person “ohhming” under a tree for more world peace. Einstein and Buddha always had something in common besides the fact most of the people did not understand them: The wisdom of manifesting with unconditional love. Unconditional love [...]

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Ancient Buddha Statue Hides a Mummified Body Inside!

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Leaving China for the first time, a 1,000 year old statue shares an interesting secret. At the Meander Medical Center in the Netherlands, this ancient work of art was studied closely, even ran through a CT scanner to reveal its insides. The scan revealed that there was a skeleton within the ancient form, which helped [...]

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10 Wise Life Lessons from the Buddha

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Siddhartha Gautama was a great spiritual leader and founder of Buddhism in ancient India. In most Buddhist traditions is considered the Supreme Buddha. In translation, the word "Buddha" means "awakened one" or "enlightened one". Siddhartha is the main figure in Buddhism, and information about his life, teachings, and monastic principles after his death was cataloged [...]