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5 Amazing CBD Effects on the Brain You Probably Didn’t Know about

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While THC used to be all the rage, both scientists and consumers worldwide have become extremely intrigued by the effects CBD has on the brain and the body for a number of great reasons. For instance, CBD’s side effects are not nearly as worrying as THC’s. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves and talk [...]

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The Story of a Mesothelioma Cancer Survivor Who Learned to Face Her Fears

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On November 21st, 2005, at 1:30 p.m, I was diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, or malignant pleural mesothelioma. My doctor told me it was “cancer”, but all I could hear was that I might not be able to raise my brand new baby girl. My daughter was only 3½ months old and now I may not [...]

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Music Therapy Can Heal Cancer and Autoimmune Diseases, Science Confirms

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Music therapy, or sound therapy, is the therapeutic practice of applying specific sound frequencies to the mind or body of a sick person. If you are familiar with the law of attraction, you will know that every single organism and every single object in the universe vibrates at its own unique frequency. The general idea [...]

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Scientists Found a Way to Reduce Side Effects in Modern Cancer Therapy

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One of the most devastating illnesses is Cancer, a malignant growth which can attack any area of the human body. As debilitating as Cancer is, there are many advanced drugs that put up a commendable fight with this monster. Treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation can completely annihilate this disease or at least prolong the life [...]

New Drug Made Cancer Tumors Disappear in Just 12 Weeks!

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The doctors were surprised when 70 potentially lethal tumors disappeared in 2 weeks. A British cancer patient astonished doctors when 70 potentially lethal tumors disappeared from his body in just twelve weeks. In 2001, 47 year-old Ian Brooks manifested a rare form of non- Hodgkin lymphoma – a cancer that attacks the immune system. The treatments [...]

U.S. Scientists Managed to Make Cancer Cells Self-Destruct

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American scientists managed to make cancer cells kill themselves, as reported in the article published in the scientific journal Molecular Pharmacology. They managed to achieve this result by synthesizing a drug on the basis of the existing anti-tumor drugs. The scientists identified a substance that blocks the production of enzymes which are vital to for [...]

Nanoparticles Can Purify Contaminated Water and Kill Cancer Cells!

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Nanotechnology is the latest interdisciplinary field of science that operates on microscopic scale, down to atoms and molecules. The new science is young, and the scientific community has not even had a single clear definition as to what nanotechnology is. However, it does not prevent researchers to make one discovery after another, exploring the properties, [...]