7 Ways to Bring Joy to the World

bring joyIn this holiday season we feel more need to bring joy and happiness to the people around us. Here are 7 simple ways to do it:

    1. Call someone you rarely talk to – your parents, grandparents, or old friends. Ask how they are doing and tell them how you miss them. It is so simple to do but always brings joy and shows people that you remember and care about them.
    2. Offer help to those who hesitate to ask for it. Some people do not like bothering others and asking for help. However, sometimes our own resources may not be enough for all the tasks we have to do. If you see that someone is completely exhausted of doing something which you can help with, then do it.


5 simple tips on how to convince your interlocutor

persuasionThe need to convince one’s interlocutors appears in every sphere of life: in home conflicts and family disputes, as well as in business negotiations. The ancient art of persuasion now is more popular by the terms NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), which is a general approach to communication and self-improvement, and covert hypnosis (conversational hypnosis), which is an ability to influence other people’s unconscious mind. Some people intuitively use NLP and covert hypnosis techniques without having ever heard of these terms, others study them in costly seminars. Here are a few simple tips on how to convince your interlocutor: (more…)

10 Interesting Facts about the Internet

Today, everyone uses the Internet as a means of communication, studying, and entertainment, but still, there are plenty of amazing facts about the Internet we couldn't imagine! Here are some of them: 1. The well-known social networking website Facebook (founded by Mark Zuckerberg) now has more than 520 million registered…

Top 10 secrets of body language

body languageAlthough you may know much in your personal or professional area, your knowledge will be useless if you do not know how to share it with others. And it’s not just about the words you use. This refers also to non-verbal communication or body language that shows up in any communication situation.

Here are ten tips on how to use your body language to communicate your ideas more successfully. (more…)