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13 Phenomena That Science Has No Explanation For

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1. The Placebo Effect Isotonic saline solution is no less potent than morphine anaesthetic, if it is injected after repeated use of the drug into a patient without telling about the substitution. But after adding naloxone, which blocks the effect of morphine, to the saline solution, the anaesthetic effect disappears. Science does not know why [...]

Will It Be Possible to Travel to Distant Stars One Day?

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Is it possible to get to extrasolar planetary systems faster than the speed of light? Harold White claims that it is. With his team at NASA, he manufactures a superluminal engine for interstellar travel. For example, such a vessel would arrive in just 2 weeks to the system of Alpha Centauri, which is 4 light [...]

American Physicists Proved the Existence of Dark Matter Particles

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In the United States, during the CDMS experiment with underground cryogenic detectors, for the first time scientists managed to obtain direct evidence for the existence of dark matter particles. According to the American physicists who conducted the experiment, there remains one step before the official confirmation of the discovery of dark matter particles – the [...]

There Is Not Just One, But Many Universes, States Greek Scientist

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Specifically, ten in the five hundredth, and in the future it will be possible to create universes in the laboratory. Moreover, we live in ten dimensions without realizing it! These unbelievable ideas belong to the research team of Dimitris Nanopoulos, professor of physics at the University of Texas and member of the Academy of Athens. According [...]

5 Impressive Facts about the Universe

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The universe does not stop amazing us. And not just us! Astronomers often get surprised with things they discover about the origins and the structure of the universe. Read these 5 impressive things about the universe: 1. The Universe is really old The age of the universe is 13.7 billion years, which is counted from [...]

8 Mysteries of the Universe That Still Confront Scientists

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Astronomers have revealed eight major unanswered mysteries of the Universe which are still puzzling the scientific community. Are you intrigued? According to the journal Science, unanswered questions vary from the riddle of dark matter to the query of why the Sun is so hot. Indeed, in some cases, even scientists admit that many of these questions about the mysteries of [...]

‘Time machine’ is created to study the ancient Universe

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After seven years of research scientists from the University of California (UCLA) have managed to construct an instrument called ‘time machine’ which allows them to look at the most distant and ancient parts of the Universe. This is the MOSFIRE spectrometer, which was built in Los Angeles, USA, and then moved to the W.M. Keck [...]

Scientists shed light on the dark side of the universe

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What we see in the Universe, is only 4% of the total existing mass and energy. Two new studies attempt to shed light on the remaining 96%, the mysterious dark matter and even more mysterious dark energy. The first study attempts to determine the amount of the dark energy, a theoretical force that acts opposite the [...]