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What Is Ego Death and 5 Signs That This Is Happening to You

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Ego death has been a part of the human spiritual experience for centuries. As a matter of fact, humans have sought it, feared it, loved it, or regretted it in equal measure. In addition, it is inseparably connected with the human spiritual journey or searched for spiritual awakening. Before we delve deeper into ego death, [...]

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6 Signs You Are Experiencing the Dark Night of the Soul (and Why It’s a Good Thing)

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Oh, the dark night of the soul, what a perplexing and nourishing state of total agony. Nothing is better than a deep dose of despair. Let’s learn why. As I child, I encountered my first dark night of the soul. Of course, I wasn’t familiar with this state of being, and enduring this state set [...]

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Oxytocin Is Much More Than Just a ‘Love Hormone’: Study Links It to Spiritual Enlightenment

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The hormone Oxytocin has been the subject of numerous research after being first discovered as early as 1906 by Henry Dale, with its molecular structure discovered in 1952. During the past few decades, the so-called "cuddle hormone" has been most notably linked to social bonding, childbirth, and sexual reproduction. However, as new research sheds more [...]

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6 Inner Transformation Techniques to Reach Enlightenment

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If you are on a journey of inner transformation, these long-term techniques will help you look within yourself and achieve enlightenment. I’ve been torn between two ways of living for most of my adult life. One is the way of comfort, and the other is the life of searching for enlightenment. They are almost stark [...]

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Depression May Be a Sign of Spiritual Enlightenment, Study Suggests

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Could depression be an indication of spiritual enlightenment? I have a plethora of opinions concerning depression. Considering I have been to therapists my entire life, those opinions war with each other and force a place into my brain. I do have depression, or to be exact, I suffer from Bipolar disorder which entails both depression [...]

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4 Common Myths about Enlightenment Debunked

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1. The road to enlightenment is a long one Enlightenment is not the result of some thorn-filled journey. It is in fact the recognition of our own consciousness. Enlightenment is the result of being fully aware of one’s true nature. It is something that people are, have always been and this is why there is [...]