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Has an Alien Signal Been Detected? SETI Research and the First Contact

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Astronomers have detected mysterious radio bursts from a galaxy 1.5 billion light-years away. So could this be an alien signal? Before we talk about an alien signal, let's mention that the universe is an overwhelming vast and silent space. This is because sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum. But we can hear electromagnetic or [...]

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We’re Now One Step Closer to the Discovery of Intelligent Alien Life Thanks to a New Method

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Over the past decade, there has been a tremendous amount of effort to find intelligent alien life on exoplanets, i.e., other planets out of our solar system. The 2009 launching of NASA’s Kepler telescope boosted the hunting of the new planets. Primarily designed to be used for the finding of exoplanets, Kepler is also used [...]

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10 Most Remarkable Scientific Discoveries of 2015

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Another year on earth has passed, and now we can look back at what we’ve accomplished. Science has progressed in leaps and bounds, bringing us ground-breaking finds, revealing anticipated answers. It’s safe to say, there are more than a few examples of these accomplishments. Let’s take a look at 10 of the most remarkable scientific [...]

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Astronomers Discover Another Earth 1,400 Light Years Away

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When NASA first spoke about the announcement, we knew it was major news, so we listened closely to what they had to say. On July 23, 2015, startling revelation tantalized the ears of many hopefuls around the world. The question of whether we would find “another Earth” has plagued us for a long time. Now, [...]

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Sign of Alien Life? Astronomer Receives a Mysterious Signal from Distant Earth-like Planet

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Finding planets in the habitable zone is only part of discovering new life in the universe. Another important factor is receiving signals from distant heavenly bodies. A mysterious signal from Earth-like planet Gliese 581g paves the way for a serious consideration that there might, indeed, be life on other planets. At least this is what [...]

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New Distant Planet Discovered by 15-Year-Old Teenager

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It’s become a common event, finding new planets beyond our solar system. Tom Wagg, however, was the youngest person to make such a discovery, which is uncommon to say the least. According to a press release from Keene University in England, Wagg was only 15 years old when making this epic find. The Location Located [...]

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Astronomers Find the Oldest Known Solar System in the Galaxy, Hailing from the Dawn of Time

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A recent discovery has left the world in awe. Yet again, we are left spellbound by the beauty of the universe. Scientists have found the oldest known solar system in the galaxy, at least one of them anyway. Kepler 444, orbited by 5 planets, seems to have been created around the dawn of time, about 11.2 [...]

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Two Exoplanets Extremely Similar to Earth Found in Goldilocks Zone

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We just keep finding them, more and more planets with similarities to Earth – two more, to be exact. Kepler 438b and Kepler 442b — both these planets rest snuggly in the so-called Goldilocks zone of their own star systems. So, what is the Goldilocks zone? The Goldilocks zone This name is given to the area of [...]