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New Model Could Help Find Life On Other Planets

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Researchers at UCL University in England developed a new model which will allow scientists to detect life on planets outside of our Solar System with the highest accuracy achieved so far. The model is based on the detection of methane, the simplest organic molecule whose presence in the environment may be a sign of the [...]

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Expert: Alien Life Will Probably Be Found This Century

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Are we alone in the universe? This question has occupied our imagination for more than one hundred years. Is our planet the only miracle and home for living organisms among all other planets and galaxies? Many scientists believe that the discovery of alien life is a matter of time. "We will find life in space [...]

Scientists Named the Date When Humanity Could Encounter Alien Life

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Researchers of the SETI project calculated the date when humanity will encounter alien intelligence, based on data received from the space telescope Kepler. Seth Shostak, chief astronomer of the SETI project engaged in the search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, stated that probably by 2040 electromagnetic signals of alien origin will be detected, writes Space.com. This forecast [...]

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Top 5 Scientific Discoveries of 2013 According to National Geographic

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Science in 2013 played a more important role than ever. At the same time, many intriguing discoveries were made. Here is a list of five major scientific discoveries according to the magazine National Geographic. 1. Space has become more ‘crowded’ In 2013 researchers from California Institute of Technology suggested that there are no less than [...]

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This Is What Potential Alien Life Might Look Like

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It all depends on the conditions which exist on a potentially habitable planet. On planets covered with vast oceans, life can exist in the form of water creatures resembling inhabitants of our marine environments. In a world with strong gravity and dense atmosphere large, strong and most likely aggressive (due to the harsh conditions of [...]

9 Weird Extrasolar Planets That You Couldn’t Imagine Exist

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Until a few decades ago, there were only nine planets known to mankind existing in the solar system. The existence of other planets orbiting around other stars could only be hypothesized and no one could definitively answer the question if they really existed out there. Today, with Pluto being excluded from the list of true [...]

«Hubble» Found Water on Five Extrasolar Planets

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Two groups of scientists led by Avi Mandell of NASA ‘s Goddard Center and Drake Deming of the University of Maryland, using the space telescope “Hubble”, detected water in the atmospheres of five exoplanets, specifically WASP-17b, WASP-12b, WASP- 19b, HD209458b and XO-1b, which are classified as “hot Jupiters” and are rotating in close proximity to [...]

Study: There Are Tens of Billions of Habitable Planets in Our Galaxy

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The question of the existence of extraterrestrial life has intrigued millions of people for many ages. Eventually, are we alone in this world or is there life on other planets? A new study comes to strengthen the second scenario. Not only there is life somewhere out there, but potentially there are tens of billions habitable [...]