• energy blocks

7 Signs of Energy Blocks and How to Clear Them to Get Yourself Unstuck

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Energy blocks are all around us. They can be unfinished tasks, negative people, or even mental blocks we’ve imposed upon ourselves. How can we pull free? Most people are unaware that they are victims of energy blocks. They simply assume they feel bad for some physical reason, or they think they're caught in the grips [...]

  • the dark side empathy

The Dark Side of Empathy No One Talks about

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The dark side of empathy is rarely noticed or talked about. Yet, it exists and can poison an empath’s life. Empathy is the capacity to be able to put oneself into another person’s shoes and understand their thoughts and feelings. An empath is a person who has the ability to resonate with other people, on [...]

  • chronic anxiety

Chronic Anxiety Makes Υou Do Things Τhat Others Misunderstand

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It’s not about getting upset when something happens. Chronic anxiety is much worse, and unfortunately, misunderstood. It’s not so strange to be triggered by a bad area of town, reluctantly traveling down a street where crime runs rampant. It’s expected that you would feel a little nervous, even downright petrified to be forced to travel [...]

  • Exhausted all the Time

Feel Exhausted All the Time? 3 Spiritual and Psychological Reasons and Solutions for Your Tiredness

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If you feel exhausted all the time, there may be a physical cause. However, some psychological and spiritual issues can also cause extreme fatigue. When you feel tired all the time, even after waking up from a good night’s sleep, then there is something in your life that you need to fix. The first step [...]

  • Dealing with Mental Illness

Dealing with Mental Illness Has Transformed Me in 6 Ways

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Dealing with mental Illness is a struggle beyond words. It has transformed my outlook on life. Between the time that I woke this morning and the moment right before I typed the first word of this post, my moods changed innumerable times. I’ve visited thoughts of suicide, creative musings and even wondered what I would [...]

  • whats wrong

When the Question ‘What’s Wrong?’ Is a Struggle to Answer

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If you ask me what’s wrong, I will probably tell you that I’m fine. The truth is, I’m lost and most times dying inside. Waking to a new day brings a dread so hard to explain. I know the routine and I know others are poised with a mindset alien to my own. I expect [...]

  • early signs of depression

6 Early Signs of Depression Most People Ignore

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There are some early signs of depression we all should have in mind. Depression is easy to recognize, right? Wrong. Despite your past experiences with depression or what you’ve read, it’s not always easy to spot those who suffer from this illness. In fact, the early signs of depression are surprising. The first thing you [...]