• lost in thought

The Dangers of Getting Lost in Thought and How to Find Your Way Out

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Why do we become lost in thought? We can find ourselves lost in thought at any point during the day. You may be at work, sat in a lecture, on a train or lying in bed waiting to go to sleep. In fact, 50% of your day can be spent lost in thought, wandering through [...]

  • effects of music on the brain

7 Different Effects of Music on the Brain, Backed by Scientific Studies

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Today, we will talk about the remarkable effects music has on our brain and how different music genres can help us in our daily activities. You all know that listening to music helps you. Whether it is a loud upbeat track that you listen to while jogging or a Beyoncé song that helps you get [...]

  • Having Trouble Focusing

Having Trouble Focusing? What Causes It and Ways to Improve Your Concentration

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If you’re having trouble focusing, I bet you wonder why. There are many culprits and just as many ways to regain concentration. You may be motivated and filled with the excitement of completing a project, but if you’re having trouble focusing, the job still might not get done. This happens to me quite often, and [...]

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How to Meditate When You Find It Hard to Sit Still and Concentrate

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Many studies have shown that meditation has mental and physical health benefits, something that spiritual gurus have known for thousands of years. But meditating can be difficult to do. Here's how to meditate if you find it hard to sit still and concentrate. Many people think that in order to meditate properly, you have to [...]

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4 Ways Sleep Deprivation Affects Your Brain

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We’ve all had to manage sleep deprivation before. Sometimes you lie there for hours unable to drift off and before you know it it’s time to get up again. It’s absolutely no fun because you’re always wrecked the next day. But what does sleep deprivation do to our brains? Studies have been done that show [...]

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Which Cognitive Functions Improve with Age and Which Decline?

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As we progress into the fall and winter of our lives some of our cognitive functions begin to sharpen and some began to decline. Do you feel your age? Most of us do not, but time catches up to us all at some point. What we could do in the spring and summer of our [...]

  • enjoy the silence

Enjoy the Silence: 6 Reasons to Kill the Noise, Backed by Science

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I've learned to enjoy the silence. Within that moment of nothing and solitude, I discovered respite for my body, mind, and spirit. I yearn for his presence. Remember him, the one who never speaks? He is silence, and he is absent, out somewhere else slipping around corners and filling deaf ears. But it’s silence I [...]

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5 Steps to Maintaining a Focused and Clear Mind

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You may find it very difficult to have a clear mind, but in reality, it's achievable with practice. Life is full of constant ups and down which often leads to stress and a feeling of being completely overwhelmed. It's true that life can be stressful at times and your mind can keep filling up with [...]