• These are the foods that will help you to stay focused

8 Foods That Will Help You Stay Focused and Keep Your Mind Clear

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Do you find it difficult to concentrate on one task? These foods will help you stay focused and develop mental clarity. Whether you’re a student or someone in the workforce, maintaining a high level of focus during the day can be a challenge. In today’s world, there are too many distractions, like the internet, social [...]

  • intelligent people get distracted at work

Study Shows Why Intelligent People Are More Likely to Get Distracted at Work

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If you find it difficult to focus at work and often get distracted by things around you, there’s good news. Whilst it may feel as though getting frequently distracted is a bad thing, it can actually mean that you are more intelligent than those who don’t get distracted, a new analysis by workplace solutions company [...]

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How Doodling Can Help You Maintain Focus and Strengthen Creativity

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For as long as I can remember, I've had a bad habit of drawing during classes and meetings. All the way back into elementary school, I'd draw pictures instead of taking notes and had many teachers and bosses lecture me on how it appears disrespectful. Sure, that makes sense, it seems like I'm more interested [...]

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Simple & Fun Pomodoro Technique That Will Help You Get Things Done

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When it comes to getting things done, the Pomodoro technique is one of the best methods to use, and here is why. Every day we have thousands of tasks that we are supposed to complete by a given deadline. How do some people become “deadline-oriented” or so prompt on their day to day schedule? For [...]

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Secret of Sharp Memory Revealed

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It has been always considered that a sharp memory is a matter of one's capacity to store more information in their brain. Now scientists believe that the main role in this process comes down to an individual's ability to concentrate and filter out the unnecessary information. Scientists conducted an experiment with a group of volunteers. [...]