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How Just Trying To Speak Another Language Improves Mental Agility and Social Skills

When you try to speak another language as an adult, it's a truly challenging and beneficial task for your brain, research shows. Have your travels taken you to a foreign country where you were unable to communicate with others because you didn’t know their language? Yet even the thought of…

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Bilingual People’s Brains Work in a Different, More Effective Way

Remember when schools used to mandate learning a second language? Sometimes they would go as far as bringing in the native speaking teachers to help with the process? Well, now we are starting to understand why learning a second language is so vital. Not only does it help increase the…

10 Tips from a Person Who Knew 17 Languages

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Top Ten Ways to Enhance Your Memory

enhance memoryDo you know why children easily learn new things? Because they are constantly training their brain. Memory is a very powerful tool, but it becomes weak if it is not used for a long time. What do you do to make your brain stay active and productive?

We offer you 10 ways to improve memory and personal effectiveness.

1. Learn something new

Think on what you would like to learn and start. It may be a new hobby, such as painting or horseback riding. Try yourself in writing a poem or a fairytale. Do something you have never done before, and let your brain actively participate in it.

2. Read good books

When reading a book, your brain is “forced” to memorize information about the characters and events of the book. Images that arise in the brain stimulate the imagination. So, reading improves your memory, enhances your brain power and enriches your vocabulary. (more…)

10 ways to enhance your brain power

enhance brain powerIf you are one of those people who are looking to increase their creativity and productivity, then this list of activities and ideas is for you. Probably, you might have already tried some of these things before, but perhaps some other ideas from this list will surprise you.

1. Learn a foreign language

Mastering a foreign language is a fairly complex process, which we often encounter in childhood, when our brains are still developing. To re-create a similar development of your brain you can try to learn a new language. This will (more…)

Learning foreign languages enhances the brain

Learning of a second foreign language is particularly beneficial not only for one’s curriculum but also for the brain, according to new scientific research, which comes to confirm previous studies claiming that knowledge of foreign languages ​​is a beneficial form of education of the brain, which enhances concentration, attention, memory,…

Tips on how to learn a foreign language easily and quickly

Today there are many ways to learn a foreign language quickly. Here are the most effective ones.

Language environment

The easiest and fastest way to learn a foreign language is to learn it in its natural environment. Everyday situational communication in a foreign language in all spheres of life is a guarantee that within a year you’ll be fluent in spoken language. So use every opportunity to go abroad at least for a little time on study or across multiple programs of experience exchange.

Theoretical advice

Today the most common way of learning a foreign language is to follow language courses or take individual lessons with a private tutor. Which method is more convenient and effective?

  • On the one hand, private lessons are better because a teacher’s time and attention is fully dedicated to you without any distraction to other students.It allows to quickly determine your level of knowledge and to select the best possible individual program for quick and effective language (more…)