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Pink Moon: Don’t Miss This April’s Special Full Moon!

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The Pink Moon is rising this month, signifying the beginning of springtime! Don’t miss this beautiful display! In the night sky, there are many wonders to behold. Stars sprinkle across the raven sky, deep within the universe and appearing so close as to be caught by our grasping hands. As does the moon, a sentinel [...]

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Full Astronomy Calendar of Must-See Celestial Events of 2016

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During the year 2015, we’ve witnessed some pretty cool happenings in the cosmos. It was a great year for stargazing-eclipses, full blood moons and meteor showers have delighted our eyes. This year, there’s more to come. Maybe you’re not a starman, but you can enjoy the fantastical celestial events of 2016, in the stars above. [...]

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This Christmas We Will Have a Full Moon First Time in 38 Years

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I love standing mesmerized beneath a full moon, don’t you? Well, even if you don’t share that passion with me, you can still take a look - make sure you catch a glimpse of the first full moon on Christmas in 38 years. That’s right! Christmas hasn’t seen a full moon in quite some time. [...]

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Super Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse: a Rare Skywatching Event Coming This September

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Viewers are in for a treat on September 27, 2015. The heavens will put on a show you don’t want to miss and a show that hasn’t been seen since 1982, almost three decades ago. In late September, most of the world, including the Americas, Africa and Europe, will get the chance to see our [...]

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Full Moon and Human Behavior: Do We Really Change During the Full Moon?

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As we know, the moon does have certain effects upon the earth, but just how much influence does this lunar body have? Rumor has it, the full moon produces changes in our behavior, including thoughts of suicide, depression and even arousal. The full moon has also been linked to the menstrual cycle and the most [...]

Blood Moon Eclipse on April 15 and the Tetrad Phenomenon

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Tomorrow the moon will be painted the color of the fire. It will be possible to witness a rare phenomenon, which some argue to herald the “end of the world”. The astrological phenomenon, which takes place every 500 years, is called “tetrad” and involves four consecutive lunar eclipses, among which there will be six full [...]

  • Full Moon and Human Behavior

Does the full moon really affect our behavior?

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According to British experts, the belief that the full moon brings us to "madness" is a myth. So some people recommend staying at home at the full moon night to avoid social interactions and possible conflicts, but experts say that the full moon’s effect on human psychology can not be verified scientifically. In 1996, U.S.researchers [...]