Couple Invents iPhone Application for Communicating with Spirits

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A couple of ghost hunters from Indiana, U.S.A., claim to have created an application that allows people to communicate with ghosts with the help of their iPhone. Passion for the paranormal has united two people Roger Pingleton and Jill Beitz. According to the couple, they always try to visit the places where strange events happen, [...]

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Top 10 Things We Believe in Without Proof

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Empirical evidence gives us a choice of what to believe, but even when we do not have solid evidence to support the existence of something, we tend to have faith in certain things. Below you will find the top 10 things we believe in despite the lack of verifiable evidence of their existence. 1. Cryptids [...]

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Do Einstein’s Laws of Physics Suggest the Existence of Ghosts?

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Perhaps we've found some answers about life after death and the existence of ghosts. The answers may come from the laws of physics. Despite the efforts of ghost-hunters around the world and their continuing investigations into abandoned houses, factories, old buildings, cemeteries, etc., which is most often accompanied by proper equipment, we still are not [...]

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3 Anomalistic Psychology Research Programs for Real Ghost Busters!

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Students of anomalistic psychology study human behavior and experiences that are generally described as paranormal. However, these scientists operate without the assumption of paranormal activity; and studies often “bust” popular paranormal myths. Koestler Parapsychology Unit, University of Edinburgh Located in Edinburgh, Scotland this research center has churned out studies on a wide variety of popular [...]

10 ghosts of the most haunted village in England

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The village of Pluckley, according to the 1998 edition of Guinness book of records, is considered the most haunted village in England. There were 12 documented reports of ghosts, most of which occurred at the crossroads which is known as “fright corner”. Here are some of them: 1. The screaming man This is the most [...]

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Amityville Horror: a True Story Based on Real Events

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Amityville Horror, an American horror classic, was not just a scary movie. This event took place decades ago, and still terrifies us today! Most of you have seen the movie, Amityville Horror. What you may not know is that it is based on real events. At least it was real according to George and Kathy Lutz, who told their [...]

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Poltergeist: What Are the Causes of This Mysterious Phenomenon?

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Translated from the German, the word "poltergeist" means "noisy spirit". This term is used to describe all sorts of noises and spontaneous movements of objects around the house without any rational explanation. The poltergeist phenomenon is studied by parapsychologists. However, modern science takes parapsychology lightly. Today, we will talk about both perspectives on poltergeist - [...]

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9 Questions Science Has No Answer to

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Science is expected to give answers to the important and the unimportant phenomena that take place around us, and the truth is that most of the time, it does not disappoint us. But there still remain mysteries that even the greatest scientists do not have an explanation for. Here are some of the questions science [...]